Wednesday, October 8, 2008

is it really only wednesday??

It so seems like it should already be Thursday --or even Friday.

I think my brain has simply done enough thinking, planning and running around in circles for the whole week already and it's ready for a weekend. :)
Lots going on today and in between all of it I'm trying to use every free minute to make sure I have everything ready and organized for the garage sale on time. We have so much stuff!!

On top of that, I think I'm going to take Sawyer in to the dr today. He's had a cough for the past week, nothing big at all, but yesterday it seemed to get suddenly worse and he had a hard time napping because of it as well as a miserable night. Normally, I'm not one to run the kids to the dr with cold symptoms or simply a cough (he's had no fever) except that the last two times Sawyer's had a cough like this it's been because he's had an ear infection. He never shows up with a fever or complains about his ears at all, it just manifests into this yucky cough. Fluid draining I think??
So I think we may be making a trip out there this morning.
Cuz I didn't already have enough to do!!


Mom said...

I was asking the same thing on my way to work today,"Is it really only Wed.?" Made it through(barely),hope you can relax now too.XOXO Mom

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