Thursday, July 31, 2008

about the ice cream...

I just have to say you guys are cracking me up!
Here I was, thinking to myself, Gosh, I've never been so risque on this blog before... you know- our family reads this!!
Turns out it was crazily subtle enough to slide under the radar of some anyway. haha!

What I'm loving is that some of your comments are cracking me up because of what you're all saying when you got it, and at the same time some are cracking me up because of what you're all saying when you didn't get it.
And then there are some comments where I can't tell if you got it or not....??
This is all quite amusing!

Ah, gotta love the topic of "ice cream"...


K.M.L said...

HAHAHAHAH!!! I totally missed it...I'm a dork!! You totally crack me up! :)

MacKenzie Leigh said...

OMFG, Heather. WOW do I feel like a dingbat haha. I didn't read the comments before me so obviously it went waaaay over my head.

But commenting on your "ice cream" I eat it at least once a day even tho I'm lactose intolerant! LOL

And it is VERY noticable at our house if our bowls have been empty more than they are full. ;)

Michelle Leigh said...

OMG, I loved reading the comments of the people who didn't get it. I thought it was totally obvious, but maybe my mind is in the gutter. Who knows, either way I got a good laugh in tonight! Thanks again!

Jacob, Lisa and Charlie said...

Now that I have reread it I cant believe that I didn't get it! Feeling quite stupid and feeling that I very much need to clarify that I am not eating ice cream every night while my husband is out of town! I have been very much ice creamless.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. this rules. i half read through this post kind of quickly at work today, i was like, ice cream, okay, heather really likes ice cream, whatever, i'll come back later... and i TOTALLY overlooked what it actually meant. sooooo funny heather.

and as for me, i don't really feel the same way... we have ice cream pretty regularly in our house, in fact i've been pretty surprised/happy that we still have it so often since max came along and we obviously can't be eating that kind of stuff in front of him. ;)

it does seem like we binge and then we're okay not having any for awhile... but i don't really notice missing closeness or extra tension... maybe we have enough to tide ourselves over?!?

livinlikelucy said...

This whole thing should seriously be published for all women to read... maybe men too! I will have to have my husband read it tomorrow and she if he "gets it"! I got such a kick out of this! SOOO funny! Good work Heather! :-)

I used to LOVE ice cream and then these dang kids came along and ice cream isn't such a big priority. It's true in our house if we don't indulge often enough we get grumpy too. I think I might have to try the i'm lactose intolerant card next time! LOL

annie said...

That's so funny Heather, I actually didn't read much of the first post this morning because I thought, "oh great - ice cream - if I hear about I'm going to start craving it all day" :) I'm glad you mentioned it again because I went back and read it and the comments and got a good laugh! You are such an entertaining blogger!

jessica said...

OMG i was like what the heck is she talking about ice cream for? and then i chalked it up to the 'baby deciding when it should come' post that i didn't "get" either! haha ha! i was skimming too and thought, how funny!

Christy said...

aparently i have the mind of a 12 yr old boy cause I got it right away! HILARIOUS!! It's clear around here if there is an empty freezer.... Great post. hehe! Great comments!

jenny said...

baaawaahahaha! i'm a retard! right over my head. i just kept thinking 'okay, so ice cream it is...i'll go with it'. DUH!

so, we really love havin' our ice cream, but don't have it as much since tucker joined the party. we seem to sneak some whenever we can and we are both happy with that.

this is just too funny. ice cream.

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