Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wednesday confessional

I do believe I have nothing to confess this week. I'm racking my brain and I really can't come up with anything I bought out of want. Well, we did buy that new Playstation game, but I'm shifting the blame off of me... Ryan bought it. And it's not like it's a habit for us... we buy maybe one game a year. His hand was forced by the rainy holiday weekend. ;)

I'm feeling pretty good though, because aside from gifts and a couple of summer clothing essentials for the kids (what?! Cardinals baseball caps aren't essential?! Ryan said they were.), I stayed away from spending this week. Four more days for this months challenge!

A sidenote to whoever's in charge of the weather patterns in our area:
I'm not one to usually complain about the rain. I like a good shower... probably more than the next person. But we're getting a little sick of all this wet weather around here. Could we get a little sunshine going here please?!! Maybe even some nice dry sunshine without the heavy humidity we know we'll have for the rest of the summer? Too much to ask? Okay. How about JUST STOP THE RAIN?!!

And just because I've noticed there's been a huge imbalance of words vs. pictures on these pages as of late, here's a quick pic of Sawyer from yesterday...

He would like the rain to go away so he can ride his bike without the rainboots, thankyouverymuch.
And because we're going to the Cards' game this evening.


Denise said...

The weather is screwy everywhere, I swear! Bring on summer already! :o)

Have fun at the game tonight! Who are they playing?

Kelli McGill said...

Did I hear someone say (type)that they will be at the Cardinals game tonight??? I hope that you will be seated in the Fundamental Elements fan section!

See you tonight!

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Cute photo of Sawyer! I love when you post pics - you have a great eye!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog a couple weeks ago! I feel like I'm super slow responding to anyone these days. :)

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