Thursday, May 22, 2008

still spending

So my spending strike didn't go over too well this week. Honestly, it wasn't too bad. I know I bought the kids some $1 red white and blue 4th of July flip flops from Target... and a bubble machine. I think that's it for really want-y wants.

But I spent a bunch more. And I tried to rationalize it. I bought a couple different curtain rods and drapes/shades for the dining room window. I'm reasoning that out in my head saying I've been wanting to do this for the whole 11 months (11 months!!) we've lived here, it's kind of been a planned (although not saved for) expenditure, I just have never gotten around to finding what I like and what I want to do in there. I don't know why I picked this month to finally bite the bullet and do it now. -Actually I probably do know why... just because I shouldn't, that's why. But I got some good deals, I only spent about $75 and half the stuff is going back, so it's not a horrendous amount of money. I'm just antsy to get it done.
Also I broke down and bought Savannah a swimsuit on Ebay for $10. Brand new with tags, adorable Gap suit. All my favorite suits for her have been Gap suits and they hold up so well... and she just finally outgrew almost everything from the last two summers, so she was down to only two suits. Which you might think is plenty, but in the summer here, with the amount of time we're at the pool, we wear them almost every day and the kids need a few to choose from and have clean.

So those are my rationales. As petty as they sound.
Let's see if I can pull off this last week of the month with really. no. spending.

Anyone else want to fess up on their success or stumblings with this challenge?


Mom said...

Ever since I was without a car for almost a year,shopping on-line(a lot) has been a real temptation. Even now(when I see Free Shipping)it's easier to check out sales and specialty items on the internet,than get up the energy to drive somewhere.Saves gas,but I have to be real careful not to order something just because I like it.I do need to stop and think do I NEED it?? (probably not)XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXO

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