Friday, May 9, 2008

random: lacking in any definite plan, order or purpose

Just random stuff for you today;

I must say, it's about time Friday got here. I swear I've been thinking it was Friday since Wednesday. Now if the sun would just come out, I'd be a happy happy girl!

Sawyer's wearing some new pants today... the windpants or warm-ups or whatever you want to call them... we call 'em swish pants. You know that swish/swoosh sound they make when you walk? He's pretty cute swooshin' around the house in those this morning. And I always know where he is!

Savannah and I got rid of Sawyer yesterday and had a little Mommy and Me date. We went out for milkshakes together, before her afternoon preschool, and then instead of her regular preschool class, they had an afternoon Mother's Day tea. It was fun. We worked on a scrapbook page together of a picture of the two of us... then the kids sang some songs and we had our "tea" party with cookies and punch and lots of fun gifts. The highlight I think for all the moms was when the teachers showcased a drawing by each of the kids of their mothers... along with an 'interview" of sorts pertaining to their moms. We had to guess which portrait and fact sheet was about which mother! There were some interesting answers... LOL!! According to Hannah her mom weighed 500lbs! I guessed mine correctly since Savannah had mostly right answers; she nailed things like eye color, hair color and age. Oh, and she said that I weigh 43lbs :). Other funny answers were What my mother does during the day is... puts my brother down for a nap, and My mom's favorite tv show is... watching the weather man. What mom and I like to do together is... play games all day, and What is something your mom would wish for? For my grandma to live at our house forever. hehe. Well, maybe not forever Savannah, but it's a nice thought. :)
Anyway, it was a really fun time. Which was extra nice because we all had a really rough morning together. During our ice cream date Savannah and I talked a little about our morning and how we could have a better afternoon when we got home. After a little conversation, I asked Savannah if there were things she could think of that I could work on to be a better mom to her. She told me that I should just smile every day.... :)

I'll leave you with this song that I've had in my head since Monday (Cinco de Mayo). Honestly. Since Monday. That's five days. I'm rather sick of it (even though I love it). It's from my current favorite kids' cd (thanks to my uncle John) by Trout Fishing in America. It's such a goofy, fun, catchy song. But I'm rather tired of the same couple of lines running through my head over and over. I've tried listening to it, I've tried singing through the whole thing... you know, all the tricks that supposedly will help break the loop of a song stuck in your head. It's still there. I woke up singing it this morning. I think I'm dreaming about it.
So here, I'm going to write out the words and leave it for you to hear. So either the typing will remove the repeat on the player in my head, or at the very least I may share it and have some solace knowing I'm not the only one walking around crooning about Pico de Gallo to myself...

Pico de gallo, you oughta give it a try-o
Even if you're from Ohio, it'll get you by-o.
Don't get it in your eye-o unless you want to cry-o
So come on, don't be shy-o, eat some pico de gallo!

It's got jalapeños, I reckon y'all have seen those.
They're kinda hot for gringos and probably flamingos.
Just add some tomatillos, onions and cilantro,
Lime juice and tomato, you got pico de gallo!

It was Cinco de Mayo, and I was down on the bayou
With my good friend Venus de Milo,
We were watchin' Hawaii Five-O
She wanted some French fry-o's, or maybe apple pie-o
And I said why, oh, why-o? We got pico de gallo!

Pico de gallo, you oughta give it a try-o
Even if you're from Ontari-i-o, it'll get you by-o.
Don't get it in your eye-o unless you want to cry-o
So come on, don't be shy-o, eat some pico de gallo!
So come on, don't be shy-o, eat some pico de gallo!


Mom said...

happy friday! i loved this post. you made me smile fom start to finish. thanks Heather.(thanks John)xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Nicole said...

Oh man... now its going to be stuck in my head. We love that cd! And Ryan always ends up getting that song stuck in his head and singing it.

Jessica said...

those pictures of Savannah are so cute :)

Happy Mother's Day to you!

The Malones said...

That is a very random song! Happy Mother's Day and thank you soooo much for the beautiful card! Hope to see you all soon!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Those are some fantastic photos of Savannah.

Happy Mom's Day!

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