Wednesday, May 7, 2008

mid-week confessional

I'm going to do a weekly "confessional" in regards to my no-spending challenge.
I did well this week, I think, for going cold turkey like that.
Outside of groceries, preschool tuition, gas and a trip to Lowes, I think I only spent any money on what would be considered "want-y" items twice:

On Monday, we wandered through Target waiting for Savannah's prescription, and I told myself other than the envelopes and laundry detergent I was picking up, we were strictly window shopping. But then Savannah reminded me that she was wanting to buy a tennis racket with some of her birthday money. Backstory: The kids have been hitting the ball around almost every day for the past few weeks and taken a couple around the corner to the tennis courts with their dad, and they've been loving it. Well, Sawyer mostly... Savannah gets discouraged quick and loses interest fast. But she is impressed by the fact that the neighbor kids (4-6 year olds) all play (with their kid sized rackets) and she had decided that was an investment she wanted to make. Now, if anyone needs a tennis racket, it's Sawyer as he obviously loves to play and will stand out there missing ball after ball for hours (but whacking back quite a few for a two-year-old!), still begging for "one more time!". And being only three feet high, our rackets are a *little* big for him. So we hadn't decided what to do about rackets... it was great that Savannah had decided she wanted to spend her money that way, but what about Sawyer? Obviously we can't get Savannah one and not Sawyer, I don't quite feel like it's fair that we pay for his when she's forking out her own money for hers, and I wouldn't normally spend the money on two pint sized rackets just because. Savannah actually offered to buy him one too. Aww...
Anyway, we got two of them on Monday... haven't really decided what's coming out of our pocket or the kids' piggy banks... but I purchased them non-necessarily!!

Also, yesterday we grabbed lunch at McDonalds. Savannah's dance class time changed as they're combining two classes to rehearse for their end of the year show these last few weeks, and that gives us just 45 minutes to get from dance, get changed, get lunch and get to preschool. So I was lazy and spent $$ on fast food. Bleh.

But that's it. I think that's a decent cut back from my usual habits. I found myself picking things up at the grocery store and putting them back after checking myself. Same with even waiting in the checkout line at Target... I saw some new Softlips tinted gloss hanging there and immediately found myself thinking, oooh, I need lip gloss and that little hint of color is perfect.... and almost put it in my cart, but caught myself. It's just sooo easy!!

So, for any of you trying to reign in your spending this month with me, how you doin' so far? Any confessions to make along with me?? ;)

We're headed back to the dr. today, for now Sawyer finally decided he wanted to get with the pink-eye program too. Which means another prescription to fill. Wish me luck on Target temptation resistance-Take 2 this week!!


Anonymous said...

it sounds to me like you're doing a really good job. i am going to start joining you even though i missed the first week of this month... couldn't hurt with the possibility of tom being out of work. ;)

Erin said...

I've been thinking about a post along the same lines. Check back this evening for an update on how I'm doing.

Emilie said...

I know Im late in the game, but I think I may join you on this spending strike. I need to cut back and not just buy it because I like it. Its hard to go into target and buy only the things you NEED. Sounds like you did well though. Keep it up!

K.M.L said...

I think I am doing okay....I hope this weekend and the rest of the month goes well!!!!

Christina said...

Oh gosh, I know, Target just sucks you in. It is a guilty pleasure of mine to just walk through Target finding things I think I must need. By the way, I received the darling Mother's day card you made in the mail today. What a surprise. It put such a smile on my face and was so very thoughtful of you. I really do wish we lived closer so we could get to know eachother better. I can just tell we are kindrid spirits (sorry, that was totally an Anne of Green Gables reference). Anyway, I also wanted to tell you that I just finished the Secret Life of Bees last night. I really enjoyed getting myself lost in a novel. I hadn't done it for quite awhile. Thanks again for that Heather. Happy Mother's day to you my friend!

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