Thursday, May 1, 2008

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I did too much rambling on my TFT last week, so this week I'll keep it short and sweet. Or not so sweet, as this is not a very nice topic...
But short, yes.
I saw this segment months ago on the Today show and was appalled. I honestly was sitting there watching with my mouth hanging open and I could not believe my ears. And this article actually paints a much nicer picture as compared to the conversation Meredeth had with the Dr's on the actual spot on the show. They were flat out saying that we, as the animals we are, are biologically wired to not be monogamous and there shouldn't be such surprise that it happens and basically that if we are to follow our instincts we have to cheat on our mates.
I honestly could not believe what I was hearing. It was a flat out excuse for infidelity and what at times seemed to be a push for anyone on the fence about whether they would be unfaithful to their spouse, like look... every creature on the earth does it, so should we. Ew.

I, for one, would like to think we're above the animal urges and can control our so called "biological" desires. I believe things like love, honor, cherish, respect and um... what would you call it?... maturity?! should at least come in to play somewhere. I mean, come on. We are not animals. We have feelings and reasoning and the ability to make choices that affect other people.
Oh, I could go on forever.
I'll shut up now.
Just read the article.
And talk amongst yourselves...

And then, (okay, so maybe I'm not shutting up yet)
if you want even more to talk about...
have you heard of advertisements for "America's discreet sanctuary for lonely wives and cheating husbands"?...
No, not for people who want help or healing in those situations, but for "those who are just looking for something extra on the side".
Seriously? Websites for people looking to cheat? To be matched up with people looking for affairs?
I didn't want to post this and I won't link to them out of principle (but sadly it is not hard to find), but I just couldn't not mention it as I just cannot wrap my mind around that. Is this honestly what society is coming to? And people think this is okay? That people are able to make a booming business out of such a sad situation?

Pray for our kids, people. Pray for our kids.


karicarp said...

This is so infuriating to me, I can't even let myself read the article. I think what bothers me most is the fact that so many people watch the Today show and so many people who don't have any base morals ARE influenced by this. So so sad. You are so right that it is disgusting that someone can make a living off of this type of "industry?". I come from a family where there was a lot of infedility so I have seen 1st hand what this does to people, not good. I wish someone would do a segment now on the show regarding the effects of infedelity on people/families.

jessica said...

i remember seeing and hearing this story and thinking "are you kidding me?" i think it's giving people license to say "yeah, this is okay" and act on it... and it's really not ok. it's horrible. as you say, what are they teaching our kids?

great post, heather.

Mary said...

I'll be checking out those articles later. But yeah, seriously.......I think we do need to pray for our children!

The Malones said...

Unbelievable! It makes me sick to think that instead of people taking responsibility, they look for excuses for this type of behavior! Besides the fact that humans have major differences that separate us from animals, aren't there some species that DO only choose one mate for life?? This is dispicable and I think the media feeds into these schools of thought!

Michelle Leigh said...

Wow! How sad! I'm disgusted. Like people need another excuse to cheat! It's morally wrong, plain and simple and to think that human's should be compared at the same level as animals is just ridiculous.

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