Monday, May 12, 2008

back up beds

My kids both have two beds in their rooms. Savannah has a trundle under her bed and Sawyer has the little Ikea bunk bed with both a mattress on the top and the bottom.
Not only does this come in handy for a houseful of over night guests (doubling up the kids in one of their rooms is such a treat to Savannah!!) but I've come to realize another valuable perk in having a back up bed for each kid...
I will never again have to scramble to change bedding due to accidents or leak thru's or remake a bed that's been puked on in the middle of the night! :)

Finding Sawyer sleeping in a puddle last night at 11pm?
No problem! Just get him changed and scoot him on up to the other bed!!

For our next baby, I may think about two cribs. hehe.


Bedrooms said...

That is a good idea, though not many people use it. It makes a lot of sense as the extra beds serve for kids of guests as well. I must compliment your header image. You guys look like one HAPPY family.

jessica said...

i sure do like that idea... i wish i had room for extra beds!

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