Tuesday, May 27, 2008

back to our regularly scheduled week

I'm reading all these posts this morning about the great long weekend everyone had... seems much of the country had great weather to get out and enjoy the weekend with outings and bbq's.

Meanwhile, we did nothing. The weather was kind of a downer, although it turned out mostly nice on Monday, finally getting the hot weather we were promised, although it was a little too muggy for this early in the summer for my taste.
I mentioned before how off the weather forecasters were for the holiday weekend... all forecasts pointed to a mostly sunny weekend of 80 degrees. Perfect Memorial Day weekend weather for lakes and bbq's and being outside. Instead we had pretty much two full days of cool weather and rain and lots of thunderstorms. Two huge storms moved through Saturday night... actually huge enough that we slept in our basement. Tornado warnings to our west, inch-and-a-half sized hail in the next town over, a couple of house fires from lightning strikes and five inches of rain here. Yeah, perfect Memorial Day weekend weather!
Anyway, I was watching the news yesterday and I saw two separate meteorologists apologize for the "monumental bust of a holiday forecast". I thought that was pretty funny and I'd never seen anything like it before. They actually took a couple minutes and gave an absolute apology to their viewers for such an off forecast. They acknowledged that a lot of plans were ruined and it was all around a stinky forecast. haha!

Anyway, we did absolutely nothing with our weekend. We had the surprise party for Kasey on Saturday, but our Sunday and Monday were just bleh. We lounged around for most of Sunday and then made our way out to go out for ice cream and then wandered through Target. We needed diapers pull-ups and a couple other random things. Savannah was set on spending a birthday gift card, we got Sawyer his own soccerball, and ended up getting a new game for the Playstation. After playing Buzz with the Laughlins we decided (actually the rainy weather all weekend decided for us) to get one for ourselves. The Buzz game they have is the Mega Quiz one which is basically like you're all contestants on a game show. The cool part about the Buzz games is that you can play with so many people... four game show type buzzers actually plug into where one controller would normally go. So with the Laughlins we've mostly played with 8 people. That gets so fun and crazy!! There are a few different versions of the Buzz game; the quiz show, a hollywood one, a music one, and a couple of kid/family versions; Buzz Junior Jungle Party and Robo Jam. So in our Target wanderings smack dab in the middle of a rainy holiday weekend, we splurged and bought controllers and the Jungle Party game. And we love it! The kids have never played video games before (except for a few tries on Ryan's ancient antique original Nintendo) and they had a blast. The games are hilarious and they (even Sawyer) can manage a good amount of them. We played twice on Sunday and twice on Monday. (It'll be super fun for us grown ups too, because while some are easy and fun for the kids, there are quite a few games that are a bit trickier or need strategy or you can gang up on each other type things that I picture being hilariously competitive with a bunch of adults!)

Like I said, the weather did mostly hold out for us on Monday and we did get outside a bit. We walked down to the pool and Ryan and Sawyer played tennis for awhile. We grilled and spent some time in the yard. But overall, it was just a lazy indoor kind of weekend.

I'd say our biggest accomplishment was on the potty training front... Sawyer is mostly potty trained house trained now. And when I say house trained, I mean house trained... when he's playing outside he forgets. And when we leave the house and are in public (stores, restaurants, etc) I'm not brave enough to keep him in underwear yet. But at home he spends most of his days dry in underwear now! Yay!!

I keep forgetting today is Tuesday... not Monday. I've gotta get my butt in gear and get us together to get to dance class this morning! Ta-ta!


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