Thursday, April 3, 2008

the wisdom of an almost 5 year old

being passed down to her two year old brother in the car...

Sawyer: (pointing to a Red Robin) Let's Eat!

Sawyer: (pointing to a Lowe's Home Improvement Store now being silly) Let's Eat!

SJ: Sawyer, that's Lowe's... we can't eat at Lowes... We can only eat at Target or Walmart. But it's not really eating at Walmart, it's a Subway store in Walmart. But Target has Target food. Those are the only stores we can eat at. Do you really want to eat at Lowe's?

Sawyer: (pointing to a bank) Let's Eat!

SJ: Sawyer, that's a bank... do we eat money? Do you want to eat at a bank? You can't eat money. You could get a sucker there though. One time they gave us suckers.

Sawyer: (pointing to the benches outside of the bank) Eat on Bench!

SJ: Yes, you could sit on the bench, but what would you eat? The bushes? That's what the bunnies eat, not us! You'd need to have lunch before you could eat your sucker, so you'd have to have Mommy or Daddy get you some lunch and then you could have a picnic on the bench and if you're really quiet maybe the bunnies would eat with you. That's what you would have to do if you want to eat at the bank. But you'd be smarter to eat at Red Robin. They give you free balloons.


kelli said...

now that's a girl for ya...getting in her word quota!

were you laughing the whole time?!

jenny said...

hahaha - what a hoot! i needed this kind of humor this afternoon. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG... that is totally hilarious!

Christina said...

Man, is that cute or what? She's a smart little cookie.

Anonymous said...

Lowe's needs a subway! So I can spend more time wandering in there. mjl

Anonymous said...

Love it,love it, love it!!!! Miss those 2 little ones!XOXOXO GrammaG

Christy said...

Love this!! Great!


Nicole said...

She is absolutely hilarious! I can hear her saying that as I was reading. Too too cute!

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