Thursday, April 17, 2008

piece of cake

So, lame-o TFT post today... this is all that's on my mind as I get ready for the birthday party tomorrow.
Cakes, cakes and more cakes. I'm super nervous about my fondant attempt. Wish me luck today. In the meantime, do you all have any cake stories to share? Did you have a cake nightmare? Are you an accomplished cake decorator? Are you an accomplished bakery cake buyer?? Any tips for me as I attempt this creation? I know I have a lot of crafty friends, some of which are able to carry that over into the baked goods department...
Share! Share!

Aside from a few cakes here and there for baby showers and other family members, here's the rundown on my kids' birthday cakes thus far...

Sawyer's first birthday was plain and simple... just polka dots and a froggy cupcake for him.

His second birthday was when I did the molded white chocolate golf balls (my favorite turn out so far!!)

Savannah's first birthday we did cupcakes and mini cupcakes. Easy peasy, just made flowers on the tops with m&m's kind of like the flower ones on this page but using pastel m&m's (can you believe I don't have any pictures of my daughter's first birthday party cake??)

Savannah's second birthday we had all of our three families (and I was in the early exhausted pregnancy stage) so we bought a cake from Costco.

Savannah's third birthday I made a pink three layer raspberry cake for the family party and then simple cupcakes for her friend party. Both were decorated with carousel horses I made out of Candy Clay. Her party was at our neighborhood park and carousel that year.

Savannah's fourth birthday was nothing big... she had asked for a cake that looked like a present! And for her friend party they decorated their own mini cakes.

This year on her birthday we splurged and got a Cold Stone ice cream cake (with cake batter ice cream in it! YUM!!) and as you know I'm attempting some sort of two tiered tea party looking fondant covered cake for her friend party tomorrow. This is where history has yet to be written. I'll let you know how it goes...

I love the idea of cake decorating and how special and creative and taylored you can get with it. I've yet to determine whether I have any talent for it yet, but I enjoy doing it and want to learn and try more.
Anyone else out there have some cake love to spread around??

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Kristi said...

My mom made the coolest cakes for us as kids....I remember I had a Barbie cake, where Barbie was the center and the tiered cake/frosting was her skirt. I also know I had a Big Bird cake and I am sure many other really cool ones.

kelli said...

Elle's 2nd birthday is next month & I found the most adorable bee hive cake that I want to make. I did a test run two weekends ago. It was a disaster. Joe said it looked like a penis!! I'm now looking for a plan B cake :)

kimca01 said...

My mom always made awesome cakes for our birthdays too, it's so cool that your kids will be able to remember you doing that for them.

Last year for Morgan's birthday, we did cupcake cones - have you ever tried them? You bake the cupcakes right in the cone. They were a HUGE hit. So practical too as the kids could hold the cone and eat the cupcake so the icing wasn't everywhere like it usually is.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely impressed with your cake baking and decorating! And now I feel like a lame mother for not even attempting some sort of really awesome cake for my boy's first b-day. I'm going the easy route and getting a free (small) cake that a few grocery stores around here give out for a first birthday, and then I think I'm going to go REALLY crazy and bake cupcakes (from a box of course) for the b-day party itself. And frost them with blue frosting. And perhaps some sprinkles. That's as creative as I get. Good luck with the fondant- can't wait to see pictures!

Zoe said...

uh yeah. i'm a giant slacker. aside from the hello kitty cupcakes i made this year for ava...i have always bought one. my mom did make cade a really cool one last year though. i did not get even a smidge of her talent.

jenny said...

i love the golf ball cupcakes and the present cake - cool!

for tucker's first birthday i made a catapillar cake and little bug cupcakes. it was the first time i ever made anything that labor intensive. ha! this year, i ordered cupcakes from the bakery. the bakery did an awesome job.

i want to try to make a fondant cake at some point in my cake baking career. :) it just looks so cool. good luck!

Robyn said...

I just don't have it in me and order cakes. I will make them once and a while just to have cake, but any occasion ones are usually bought. I love seeing people do them their selves. Like your golf cupcakes, those are awesome.

Anonymous said...

i just LOOOVE the present cake. and i may need to steal the golf ball idea from you for max's birthday! :)

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