Tuesday, March 4, 2008

three... two...

The kids are playing hide and seek.
Sawyer's got his head down on his arms buried in the couch counting... "threeee... twooo... threee... twoo... threee... twooo... I come!!"
It's pretty cute.
Then he runs around the house yelling, "Nah! Nah! Are you?.. Nah!!" (that's his "nickname" for Savannah)

Then he gets distracted by Clifford on tv.


It's snowing again.
I'm really bummed because they were saying -no, guaranteeing we were getting at least 6 inches of snow today. 6-9 inches and all the weathermen were saying they were being conservative with that number. We wake up this morning and all the schools are closed. (Savannah's had more snow days at school this year than even close to last year in snowy MI!... and keep in mind she only goes to school two days a week!!)
Now I'm as ready for spring as the next person, but I was actually looking forward to this last big snow... no temps in the teens, no ice and yucky sleet, just lots of fluffy snow to actually get out and play in. One last hurrah before spring weather is here for good. I was excited for a good snow day.
But then they changed the forecast and where our whole area was supposedly going to be dumped on before, they updated their predictions and now the heavy snow will be just south and east of the city. Northwest of the city (where we are) was downgraded to 2-4 inches. And the weatherman I listened to this morning said he'd actually be surprised if we saw 2. More like an inch. 1 inch?! How are we supposed to get out and play in 1 inch of snow?? Grrrrr... what a waste.
So now we're stuck at home all day (no dance class, no preschool). Ryan took the 4Runner to work because I wasn't planning on doing anything today but building snowforts and shoveling the driveway. The house is clean, the kids are bored, and it's not even 9am.
Maybe we'll go out for a snow walk.
The snow is coming down in beautiful big fluffy flakes.
I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a good snow day.


Kelli said...

you can come clean my house :)

elle counts the same way...just repeating two, three over & over. it's it the cutest, i guess someday i'll teach her the correct way!

jenny said...

sawyer is too cute!

how about you can take all our snow that we *might* get this week and i'll take your 75* temps (even if just for a day)! hope you have a good day!

Tracy said...

Down in So. County our parents have about 9".
Jeff is happy the snow missed us. This is starting to cut into our big vacation plans w/ all the makeup days

Amy said...

hope you had a good snow day!

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