Thursday, March 20, 2008

rain, rain's gone away

Well, we didn't float away if any of you were concerned. We definitely had our share of rain earlier this week, however not as much as some. It's been nasty, especially south of us. We've got dry sunny weather now though, so hopefully that'll help the flooding come down.

I only got a few shots of the kids out in the rain. This is actually almost the only time we got outside... and it was just enough of a break in the heavy rain (it was still sprinkling a bit) to be able to take the camera out. I've realized I'm facing a dilemma if I want to get good puddle pictures of my kids this spring. We basically have no puddles around here unless it is currently pouring down rain. We have a storm drain right beside our driveway and our street is just ever so slightly at a slant, so it all drains really quickly. Once it stops raining, the puddles disappear pretty much right away. And unless I somehow rig an umbrella hat of some sort, I can't really take my good camera out in the rain. We're going to have to do some scouting of a spot with good puddle retention where we can go after good rains!! I suppose it's a good thing we have good runoff here, but it was just so fun last year at our house in Michigan to be able to play for a day or two after the rain in the huge puddles that stuck around on our big driveway. Not to mention the small lake that formed where our driveway met the road. The kids had such fun wading and splashing in that! Now the only puddles we get are in our yard, under one of our trees or under the swings. And I'm not really a fan of playing in real MUD puddles... I like cleaner on cement rainwater puddles!!
Did I mention we got a lot of rain this week??


Mom said...

It's nice to know you guys are doing okay; soggy but not flooded out.Good ol' mother nature. Happy First Day of Spring! Thanks for the pics.:)XOXOXOXO

kimca01 said...

Morgan has the same boots as Sawyer, so cute. Got them at Target when we were down in the US last time. They are froggies, right? Or something green with eyes?? I just assumed they were frogs!

Hope it continues to dry out for you - yikes, that's alot of rain!

Amie R. said...

My Granny's house always had puddles in the driveway. I always wondered why, since it hadn't always rained when they were there. I never really gave it much thought though. Well, I just found out about a year ago that she used to go out with the hose and wet the driveway so my brother could ride the big wheel through the puddles. :)

Swistle said...

Cute pictures! I love the one of the boots and the bottom of the raincoat.

Nicole said...

I love their boots. I need to get them. Our yard is like mud slop in the spring and I dread taking P out to play even when it is warm enough. Darn it Target can't you put them on sale??

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