Monday, March 17, 2008

monday morning randomness

Mmmm... Monday morning. Back to the routine.
Kids are having yogurt and bagels and coloring in the kitchen and I'm sitting on the couch listening to the pouring rain, thunder rumbles, and sipping some warm Chai Tea. We had a couple of errands to run this morning, and believe it or not, we got out and back by 9am just so we didn't have to be out running around in the rain. The first big drops of this storm came down just as we pulled back into our garage. Now we can huddle up in the house and have a lazy Monday.

So I guess I'm turning into one of "those" bloggers who goes silent over the weekend. It seems the last few weekends I write on Friday and then don't ever make it back until Monday. Not sure why... it's not like we're so busy that I don't have time. I guess it's just a nice mix of not too busy, but not too bored, but nothing too exciting to relay. Here's what that looked like for us this past weekend:

  • Friday we spent the entire afternoon outside with the neighbor kids. Wore the kids out, lots of fun. After they were in bed, we joined our neighbors (behind us) in their hot tub. Ahhh... that was nice. We came in from our soak and Ryan and I watched this movie. Dud. Sloooow.
  • Saturday was a cool rainy day, so we took the kids out to this movie. It was cute enough. Sawyer got bored. Everyone took a long rainy-day nap that afternoon. Well, I never really did, but it was nice to have a quiet house to myself! Then we made a run to the library. Embarrassingly, we've lived here for eight months (eight months already!!) and just now made it to the library. Savannah got her own library card, so she was super excited!
  • Sunday we went to church, went out to lunch, relaxed for the afternoon and then had some new friends from church over for dinner last night. 9 adults and 6 rowdy kids makes for a full house! It's nice to have a full house again. :)

And now it's Monday morning again. And a rather lazy, rainy and gloomy Monday morning at that. It's supposed to be rainy all week. Ugh. But nice warm spring rain at least. The kids both needed new rainboots and SJ's coat was a little snug. I know we're just getting into the rainy season, but since Target's had the rain gear out since before Christmas, I've been keeping my eye out, hoping to see it clearanced by now. No luck so far. Savannah's had her eye on these pink kitty boots and Sawyer and his frog obsession has been asking for these for the past few months. After all of our time outdoors last week, I want to still be able to take the kids out to play in all the rain this week, so I broke down and finally got the boots at full price. I just know my luck; next week they'll be marked down...
Also got Savannah a pink polka dot rain coat we've been eyeing. Hopefully we'll get some cute puddle pictures this week out of my raingear investment! I love me some puddle pictures!!
Speaking of; here are a few pics from last years' spring rains.
Hope you're staying dry where you are!


Amy said...

Hope the rain leaves you soon!

Mom said...

But not too soon.:)I think you can probably do without the thunder though.Gotta get some "puddle pictures" with all that new rain gear on! Sure to be cute.Get a price adjustment if the stuff does go on sale soon. Happy St. Patty's Day! XOXOXOXOX

Nicole said...

I've been watching for those boots to go on sale too! Darn it all... Well, the other day our Target only had TWO pairs left in the frogs. GRRR. If they mark them down at your Target by next week, I might have you pick up a pair for Porter for me.

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