Thursday, March 27, 2008

lost in chicago

We're not really lost.
We're just watching LOST reruns tonight. In mourning of the fact that LOST is not new tonight, nor will new episodes be on for a few long weeks... I have a treat for any of you fans. I stumbled on these the other day and Ryan and I sat and scrolled through all three and were absolutely cracking up...
You have got to check these out. If you're not a loyal LOST groupie, you can have a peek, catch up and see what all the love is about. Actually you'll probably only find them amusing if you know the show. Hilarious to look back on though.

Season 1 recap

Season 2 recap

Season 3 recap

And for any of you who still refuse to get on board with the LOST thing, here's one a few more of you may appreciate... the best of Pam and Jim from the Office:

And yes, we're IN CHICAGO!!! After a full day of driving and IKEA and annoying squeaky shoes (which was about to become a TFT..... story later), we are lounging in the hotel, watching tv, instant messaging bloggers we are so excited to see tomorrow, and dabbling in a little hair color and nail polish. Ah... vacation has begun. More tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

So jealous that you're in Chicago. Oh, how I love visiting (not living in!) that town :)

And I LOVE The Office. (Surprised I didn't get a comment from you on my recent Office post!!) I cannot wait until the show starts again. That video was funny, too. I'll have to show it to Matt!

Have a great trip...and eat lunch at Pockets for me, will ya?

Christy said...

SOOOOO Jelous! Wish I was there! Have fun for me! Can't wait to hear the stories (i know there will be stories!!)

lina said...

I love Chicago! Enjoy the town for me :) Eat lot's of Garretts Popcorn for me too!

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