Tuesday, March 18, 2008

let's go back to bed

Sawyer for some reason didn't go to sleep last night until almost 9:30. His normal time is 7:30. And then he was up at 6:30 this morning.

It's now 7:30. And he really has done nothing but cry for the hour he's been up.
You see, I can do nothing right...
To start off our lovely morning, he doesn't want to go downstairs, he wants to stay in my bed and watch Sesame Street. I tell him he's more than welcome to stay up in bed, but that I need to go open the gate for SJ to go down and she needs help to get a drink and some breakfast. NOT happy with that choice.
He eventually (two seconds later) decides he wants to join us downstairs, but stops at the top of the stairs and has meltdown #2 because he wants to bring down his "stuff" (his special frog blanket and dog and a bonus frog this morning) but doesn't like to maneuver the stairs with his hands full. NOT happy that I left him up there alone and NEEDS me to come back and get his "stuff".
He comes down and tells me he wants toast. Midway through the toasting, he's decided he's NOT wanting toast and it's just NOT okay that I'm still toasting it. It needs to be OUT NOW! And done away with immediately.
He wants OJ. No, he wants milk. No, he wants OJ. I pour both. Best of both worlds right? WRONG! What was I thinking giving him TWO cups?! The world was ending!
I offer him cereal. Do you want Cheerios? NO. Do you want Kix? NO. I know he really does, so I ask each another time. NO. Put it all away. As soon as I close the pantry door, meltdown #5... I DOOOOO want Cheerios!!
I sit him up at the table with his Cheerios, toast, 2 cups, and a BIG spoon (meltdown #6).
He gobbles it all up (mostly while still crying) and asks for more toast. Eats that too.

So I know he was probably just starving (that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that he ate not one bite of dinner last night now would it?).
And I know he's short on sleep.
And I know he needs some extra cuddles.

I also know we have dance class this morning, I HAVE to go grocery shopping, Savannah has preschool immediately after lunch (which means Sawyer's naptime is cut short) and with Sawyer's mood, that's going to make for a stellar day in our world, I can just tell.
And the three inches of gray and gloomy rain we're supposed get today just tops it all off.

I think we probably just all need to go back to bed...


kimca01 said...

Had a bit of a laugh about this post as I can SO relate. When they get in these moods they are *PAINFUL*. You honestly can't do anything right! Those are the days I wish I had a nanny LOL

Hope your day gets better!!

Anonymous said...

We have those days too, mostly with Bennett but Luke sometimes wakes up in a mood that makes me just want to start the day over! Hope it gets better...sometimes, they surprise you after such a rotten start with an OK rest of the day. We have to get out in the yucky weather today too...

jenny said...

i just looooove those days. hope the day improves! :)

Mom said...

Poor little sawman,and POOR Heather! I think you need extra cuddles too!Oh hey,hugs to all 3 of you.It's sounds like it may be a looooonnnnnnggggg day.Try to find something to be glad about and remember you are loved and missed. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxo

Amie R. said...

Isn't it interesting trying to balance what NEEDS to happen with what HAS to happen.

Hope your day goes better than expected!!!

Ashley said...

Hi there! I'm still alive, and I still read your blogs. I usually just lurk (sorry about that). But I just *had* to comment this time. I'm going through much the same with Tiegan. We have some LONG days in our house. Best of luck!!! -hugs-

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