Sunday, March 2, 2008

knock knock

So of course after I wrote about how lucky we've been with our sparse dr. visits and my kids who usually steer clear of childhood ailments left and right, guess where we went yesterday?
Sawyer has had an annoying cough for the past three or four weeks. Nothing big; really only noticeable at night and if he got real wound up running around and such. But instead of going away, it had gotten worse toward the end of this past week, leaving him in some not so pretty coughing fits all throughout the day. No cold, no fever, just this annoying cough that was drawing more and more concern. So since our ped. was open this Saturday I decided to take him in.
Turns out his lungs sound good... throat is fine... everything looks fine... except.
He does have a pretty significant ear infection. Go figure.
The np just barely looked in his right ear and was exclaiming, "woah, here we go... this looks like it hurts, poor kid!" Thing is, my tough little boy hasn't made a peep about his ears. He's been perfectly normal aside from the cough. The np said the drainage from his ear may be the culprit for stepping up his cough... otherwise if for some reason it is the start of something else then at least the antibiotic for his ear should clear up whatever else it might be.
So we came home with this big honkin' bottle of amoxicillin and Sawyer loves the stuff! Which was a nice surprise since he normally detests consuming any medication in any way shape or form. He actually comes running when I say it's time for his ear medicine now (I'll go ahead and knock on wood here this time) and knowing he gets one and a half syringes full, he actually asks for more while I'm filling the second half. Such a nice change from the bribing and eventual pinning down...

So we're at the start of another gorgeous day around here. It's supposed to be 75* today! Love it!! I guess I don't need to tell you that we'll be spending the day outside...

But I'll be back tomorrow with the start of two days of 35* weather and freezing rain and snow. Hopefully the last we'll see of the white stuff till next winter...


Nicole said...

P's had a ridiculous cough for the last few days and yesterday he was running a 103* fever. He was miserable. Ugh. But, luckily, that's all he's been sick this winter (I'll follow suit... "knock on wood")

I hope SawMan is feeling better soon!

jenny said...

oh! i hope sawyer is feeling better soon. i swear that amoxicillin is like baby crack - tucker LOVES it too! :)

75* there today? i don't think we'll hit that until july.

jessica said...

green with envy on your SEVENTY FIVE DEGREES. makes me want to crawl into bed right now. hope the little one feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

So Sawyer is on the mend and you had some great weather to enjoy.I guess that will make the next couple of cold days easier to get through.Mom XOXOXOXO

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