Wednesday, March 5, 2008

because you all are my friends

I've debated for a week whether to "go public" with this or not. I don't know why. Scared, I guess. Nervous. Not only putting it down in writing and numbers, but putting it out there for all to see is kind of scary. But I think it's a step in the right direction. And it'll make me more accountable.

So here.
I have a new blog.
Check it out if you want. And remember to be kind.


jenny said...

i think you could be considered my new hero. this is inspiring. i LOVE your new site. :)

Amy said...

nice blog! best of luck with your new journey. know that you are not alone, as i am on the same path (well hopefully!!!!)

you can do this!

Christy said...

thanks-- I've been doing ww since the new year and so far i have lost 29lbs-- I am pretty pumped- I will be joining you on your journey!

Katie Mohr said...

Heather, thanks for being open and vulnerable. Your new site is awesome. I've had my 'health' on my mind for awhile and then watched "you are what you eat" with friends last night. YIKES!!! I need an intervention!

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