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TFT: what's in a name

Funny that Nic did a TFT on germs and babies this week, since I'd been planning a slightly different version of that myself for today. But, now I'm too lazy to write it up (I really need to start doing my homework and get these posts going ahead of time because by Thursday I'm just either so lazy or so busy that the things I want to post about just don't happen!), so keep thinking germy thoughts all week and I"ll get on that for next Thursday.

Today I'm keeping it light and easy... no real thinking, no debating, easy peasy.
I'm wondering about things in the good ol' world wide web.
Your email address, the name of your blog, the address of your blog (if it's different than your "title"); how did you decide on them?
Did you use your name? A combination of family names? Did you use an inside joke or something special to you? Did you try to come up with something clever and original? Is it something that makes you smile? Did you even think about it or just pick the first thing that popped into your head?

My first email address was hgirardvw @ blah blah blah. H for first name, girard for last name, and vw for the new tall, dark and handsome German I was in love with. My car.
I eventually left my email host and got a new account and spent hours (yes, that's probably an exaggeration) trying to come up with a new username. Something more fun than just my name. And maybe something that had to do with the act of emailing in and of itself... I finally came up with notes4heather @ blah blah blah. I like it because it's simple and easy for people to remember. Easy to just tell someone without them having to immediately write it down.
Just the other day actually, I told my address to the cashier guy at World Market to get on their mailing list, and as the guy typed it in, he commented on how original that was, and how funny because people writing to me really were sending notes for heather, and hehe did I get the joke? Um, yeah. I get it. I made up the address dummy.

Anyway, I love cool blog names. Something interesting and easy to remember. But I'm horrible at coming up with them.
I started my first blog when we moved from Oregon to Michigan and called it Life As We Know It (along with 831 other blogs, I'm sure). The address was morrisonsinmichigan. I know; real original. I never loved the name, but spit it out real quick while we were experimenting with different websites/blogs trying to decide the best venue for keeping in touch with our families and that's what stuck.
I was actually excited to start a new blog page when we moved and were no longer the morrisons in michigan so I could come up with a better, more original name. Unfortunately, I'm braindead when it comes to stuff like that so I took the easy way out and stuck with the Life theme, calling this new page Everyday Life. It is after all, my journal of our life everyday. What ever it is- good, bad, ugly, boring- it really is our life. And I simply picked an address that somewhat went along with my email address. And so this place for notesofus was born.

As for my other blogs, Our Own Gong Show I actually stole from Kim T. Well, I've heard that term before referring to toddlers and mealtimes, but it seemed Kim used it on a regular basis and it cracked me up every time. So since the blog really was all about our own gong show at our table every day, I went with it.
I Like Today Because... is just exactly what it implies it is. Finding the good things about each day. Along with a very annoying address with lots of dashes (year-long-photo-album), but really who types out the address very often?

So there's my naming of my internet communications....
Kind of an off the wall topic, but I'm always curious where/why people come up with the email addresses/blog names that they do. So where did you come up with yours?


kimca01 said...

Awwww - I helped name the blog??? I love that! Cause you know life in our house is ALWAYS a gong show! LOL

Anonymous said...

Our email address is boring...just last name, year married @ blah blah blah. The blog title took some thinking about...we tossed lots of names around before coming up with one, but knew we wanted something that was a play on words with our last name. I was so anxious to figure out what it would be b/c I was finally ready to start blogging!

Kim said...

my blog... 'just my type'... i saw the name somewhere a long time ago and thought it was cute. i think it was the name of a font or something. or a business? anyway... then i realized later that kim t. has the same blog name as me... so i'm not very original. :) and we have the same first name even, LOL.

'beejo'... okay so my name is kimberly jo. back in high school somehow a friend started calling me 'kimby jo' or something... and then, my AOL name was kimbeejo3. then in college, my husband and his friends started calling me 'beejo'. actually they still call me that. and so, my website is and my blog address :)

fascinating story behind it all, huh? ;)

Erin Miller said...

My blog tends to be a bit more on the "pondering" side -- mostly because my daily life isn't that interesting without kids around to tell their funny stories. When I created it, I had several friends who were blogging much like my own blog was and they had great names like "The Desert Voice" and "Authenticity." So, I was searching for something that resonated with what I wanted my blog to be about. And then I realized, my search was the end in itself -- I posted about things that resonate with me, so why not call it Resonance? Thus, the blog title.

Zoe said...

i named my blog after some song lyrics but it is also a book. my email is just my name and a birthday. i wish i would have choosen more carefully for my blog...but i wasn't really sure what i was doing when i started. well...i'm not now either!

K.M. Laughlin said...

We are name people....
our blog is keeping up with the Laughlins...and the web address is

Email...names again...mine is kaseylaughlin and Mike's is his nickname, loffdawg.

Our picture blog is Snapshots of the Laughlin life and the web address is laughlinpictures...

WOW! I guess I am a name person! :) Good topic!

jenny said...

my email is my name. simple.

the name of my blog, stickyfeathers, came from some randomness jumping around in my brain. i wanted something that people could remember. i wanted something unique. i always say things like 'we've got a little hair in the butter' when things get crazy, so to me, stickyfeathers is similar. feathers to be are light and airy (thinking about the feather on forest gump for some reason) but throw a little sticky on that and well, who the hell knows. i liked the way it sounded and it STUCK. i've have thought about changing it a few times, but why? i'm sticking to stickyfeathers.

my photo a day blog is 'a girl and her canon'. why? because that's what it is.

i am a huge nerd. :)

jessica said...

my email is usually my 1st name and sometimes my middle name (i have 6 emails right now... eeee)

my blog name "one swift click" is my photo biz name. i came up with it a few years ago... we were having a conversation and i said something needed one swift kick... we had been in the process of trying to figure out a short, not-take name for my husband's project. it was originally going to be used for his website, he was working for a long time on a local business search that you could find quickly and easily. i came up with OSC and after a while the project got left behind. i took over the biz name and the domain name because it works really well for photography. or, really, anything computerish. ha ha.
my blog

Kristi S said...

I purchased my domain name long before I had a blog. Sweetsauer describes me....sweet, but with a last name like Sauer! The title of my blog is Mi Vida Ocupada which translated into Spanish means My Busy Life. Seems like I am always out doing something and I post a ton of pics with me and friends, so it seemed appropriate (although a little cocky some might think)

Michelle Leigh said...

Well, my email is my first and last name. I thought it was easy for everyone to remember if need be. Not creative at all. I used to use shelleigh, my first mixed with my middle (michelle leigh). I liked that a lot and still use it for my usernames on most things.

My blog was hard. I wanted something cute and short. I had 2 little girls who are very pixie like and I had planned the blog around them, so pixie dust it was. And then I added "excerpts from our delightfully eccentric life" because we live in a circus, but it's fun. Who knows, I'll probably have to change it when Bennett comes, cause he'll be all boy, I'm sure of it!

Nicole said...

Oh fun topic!

Email: I've used the same beginning email since I first got an email account about 10 years ago. I flipped the "OLE" upside down in Nicole and made it "073" thus... nic073@blah blah blah. I've had various email hosts though. I also used coleeb (which is sometimes a username of mine). When I worked at the daycare I was "Miss Cole" and my middle name is Lee, and my last name starts with B, so Coleeb was formed.

My original typepad blog address... boring... first initial and last name. I had no idea what I was doing, and didn't think of anything great. The name of it originally was "Declared", I have no idea where I came up with that one. My pregnancy blog was "Inside Addition" (you know, baby inside... addition to family har har har). After P was born, I decided to ditch the pregnancy blog and changed my Declared blog to "LIfe as We Know It"... yep, original, huh?

Now... I'm over at blogger... and I named my blog Oh My Words, pretty much because I say that a lot. Apparently I say Oh Damn a lot too, according to Porter, so maybe I should have named it that?

Robyn said...

My email addy is my nickname at work. And my blog name is a thing I do with my daughter. I say hey Peanut Butter, Where's Jelly? Hence why I call her PB when I speak of her in my blog.

April said...

My blog name, "A Factory of Thoughts" is because that is what you will find on my blog. Lots of my thinking within my posts. I don't have much scrapbooking stuff on my blog. Therefore, I couldn't give it a cute scrapbooking name.

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