Friday, February 29, 2008

goodbye february

It's the last day of February... and Leap Day at that. I'm very excited for March this year. Last year we were in Michigan and at this point we hadn't seen the ground for the snow for 30 days straight... with only another 45 days to go. That was one thing I truly missed in MI was the Spring. I almost forgot it existed. It seemed the snow stuck around forever. Hunting for Easter Eggs in the snow in the middle of April is not how I picture things should be.

I remember coming down here to STL in April for our first house hunting trip and I was in shock... Things were GREEN! And trees were BLOOMING! And there were gorgeous flowers EVERYWHERE! I've always enjoyed the spring time with it's new freshness and happy feeling. I never realized how much I loved it until I came out of our gray Michigan winter-that-was-never-going-to-end and saw things transformed over night into new and bright and green and full. I was in awe and had a new appreciation for Mother Nature.
And going back to MI was hard. As we drove north we sadly watched all the trees go back to being bare and cold with bits of snow on the ground here and there, fields gray and empty, no flowering bushes or buds. As much as I love winter, I hated going back to winter in April.
And then suddenly in May it was summer.

So I'm excited for a real Spring this year. And it feels very Spring this morning. The sun is now completely up before we get up at 7, the sky is bright and scattered with perfect light clouds this morning, I hear birds outside and it just feels like everything is waking up. It has that Spring smell. If you can look past the traces of snow left on the edges of lawns and roofs, it's the perfect early spring morning. It's supposed to be in the 50's and 60's for the next few days and I can't wait to get started on this weekend!

And getting started is what I need to do. We're going to a children's hour/storytime at Barnes & Noble this morning and then meeting up with Ryan for lunch and probably hitting the mall for a bit. I also wanted to do my quick Friday cleanup and my workout with the kids before we head out.

But first!!
Friday question time--
Tell me how you'd rank the seasons from what you like best to least.
And what's the one thing you're most looking forward to this weekend.

And Happy Friday!


heather said...

to answer my own questions;
My favorite season is hands down Summertime. I love the sun and the heat and anything to do with water; pools, lakes, beaches, boating. I love being barefoot and lightly clothed. I love kids runnning around in swimsuits and barefeet and popsicles and watermelon and barbeque. Love it!!
Then next I love the winter. Almost as much as summer actually. I love the snow. I love the fresh and quiet of a new snowfall. I love how everything slows down and cozies up. But I also like when the sun comes out and melts it all away after a few days.
Then I think I'd say I like the Fall next. I like how it's still warm, but the mornings and crisp and cool. And how it makes you feel cozy, with the colors changing around you and you want to be inside baking pumpkin bread and apple crisp.
Then the spring. I think spring feels like the longest season in the Northwest, so it's probably just that I can't shake that feeling that makes this season my least favorite. In Oregon spring starts in January and ends in July! haha! I still like it though.

I like how by the end of each season we're all ready for something new and some change and looking forward to the next phase of the year.

And you already know what I'm most looking forward to this weekend... pretending it's spring already!!

Kim said...

i have family in STL and it IS so beautiful there in the spring. we don't have much of a spring here in minnesota... just dirty melting snow. yuck.

fall is my favorite, i think... i love the colors, crisp weather (i don't like it TOO hot), the smells, coziness, etc.
i love summer, too though. maybe it's a tie.
then winter, then spring last, i think. although some days i HATE winter... when it lasts so long!

Kim said...

ooh, i forgot my weekend thing... i'm excited to relax with my parents and sister! :)

Amy said...

while i enjoy every season, i love summer. it's the long days that i love. i love staying outside on the porch til late and it's not even dark out.

as for this weekend, i have no plans yet! exciting, huh?

hope you have a great weekend!

Michelle Leigh said...

Well, I have to say Fall is my favorite, it's such a beautiful season, then Summer of course because it revolves around outdoor time, family time and SUN. Spring is next, it'd higher up there, but being in MN it is always so dirty and muddy when the meltdown starts. I could really do without that. I honestly can't even rank winter because I hate it. Nothing about it makes me even remotely happy. I could do without for sure!

No big weekend plans, just hanging with the kiddos and hubby.

jenny said...

my favorite season would have to be summer. i love long days of sun and fun - outdoor bbq's, taking care of my yard, flip flops, camping/fishing...ahhhh. fall is a really close second. i love the crisp air, the colors, just the 'feeling' of it. winter comes in third. i love the beginning of winter - new snow, the smell of a snowmobile running, ice fishing...then it just gets to be TOO long. spring is exciting but only because it leads to warmness, and freshness...and summer! i'm so jealous you are having a springy day - we got snow today.

this weekend i'm looking forward to seeing kim and max, having dinner with my family for my brother's birthday, and getting out on the town for a night too! :)

K.M. Laughlin said...

1. Spring
2. Summer
3. Fall
4. Winter

This weekend I am going to have the windows open and paint my bedroom! :)

jessica said...

my favorite seasons - that is really hard. if there is a lot of snow and i can go snowboarding, then winter ranks right up there... but this winter SUCKED. usually my rank goes:
1) winter
2) fall
3) spring
4) summer

but right now:
1) fall
2) spring
3) summer
4) winter

this weekend - looking forward to less hockey and maybe some sunshine!

Anne said...

I'm in MN, and I rank the seasons like this: summer, fall, spring, winter. I hate the winter. The gray days, snow, too-cold-to-venture-outside temps- blech!

And this weekend, I'm most looking forward to a date with my husband Saturday night.

Heather S. said...

1. Spring
2. Fall
3. Summer
4. Winter

I don't like being too hot or too cold - I like 60-75 degree weather!! This weekend should be perfect!!

Almost called you today to go to storytime with you - our plans were cancelled, but Lucy woke up with a low-grade fever and has just been lying around all day.

Christy said...


One of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend! Can't wait!

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