Friday, January 11, 2008

tft addendum

I feel like I really wanted to add a little to my TFT yesterday.
Maybe I just don't want to feel like I'm stepping on toes of you pro-High School Musical people... haha!
I wasn't saying at all that I think High School Musical is inappropriate... as a kids/family movie itself. I think (though I haven't seen it) that it is a great, clean, kid appropriate movie and I love that it contains all the singing and dancing that kids get excited about. I think 'bringing musicals back' is good for our kids. And I think Hannah Montana has good music as well... kids need stuff that is fun and safe to listen to and I'm all for it. I wouldn't mind having a Hannah Montana cd, or the soundtracks to High School Musical around here. I love when my kids ask to turn on music and start singing and dancing.
It's the watching the Hannah Montana show or being so "into" High School Musical at 4 years old that gets me. I know Savannah would enjoy the singing and dancing. But to watch episodes of Hannah Montana and her friends dealing with high school, or watch the HSM movie all the time and then get carried away with collecting all the dolls and paraphernalia that goes along with it... I just don't see that that's what my four year old needs to be surrounding herself with. I don't need her to see that all the time, and then want to be and act like she's fourteen like the girls in the shows, when she's only four. I don't think I'm being overprotective or sheltering... I just don't see how those scenarios relate to my preschooler.
I hope there are plenty of good quality shows like this around when she's ready for them. I just don't think it applies to her world or her interests now. That's just my opinion for my own kid.

Like I said before, it kind of boils down to me feeling like if this is what kids are watching as preschoolers, what are they going to be watching when they're 10? Aren't they going to be bored of the same old "tweeny bopper" stuff? And looking for what next?...


JessicaP said...

I agree...That's one reason why Alyssa doesn't get much of the "older" stuff...She did get a Hannah Montana doll for Christmas, but she plays with it alongside her Barbies. They put on "concerts" all day long! Now if all she did was walk around pretending to be a teenager, I'd have to step in and knock her back into her 4-year-old

It really is so hard to keep them in their 4-year old world, and that's very frustrating. Society dictates that we spend their childhood preparing them for the dangers of the world. Whatever happened to just letting them have a childhood??? We can keep them safe without stripping away their innocence!

jenny cook said...

okay - i finally get to comment here. i agree that 'childhood' isn't the same as it used to be. i remember watching cartoons saturday morning and maybe like a few 'family shows' during the week (alf - family ties) but we were ALWAYS outside, or playing 'make believe' with our friends/siblings. i don't ever remember being obsessed with any character on tv. plus, we could go walk all over town (i live in a small town) with our friends and not have to be worried about wacko's taking us or anything like that. times were so different.

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