Saturday, January 5, 2008

off to dreamland

for hopefully some better dreams than the last few nights.
Two nights ago I had two separate dreams about horrible head-on collisions, one of which I witnessed first hand. I personally had no part in either of the crashes except for the aftermath, and then being super anxious driving around in my dream. The whole rest of my dreams that night focused on me worrying about Ryan driving to work every day.
I realized I had those dreams after seeing this on the news that day.
I do worry about Ryan driving to work every day. My dreams didn't help that fact. There is not a day goes by when he leaves for work that the thought doesn't cross my mind that I could never see him alive again. I don't know why it freaks me out so. I think it's just the fact that we're apart. I don't think twice if all or both of us are in the car... I only worry when he's driving away from me. Funny, since his work commute since I've known him has varied from a 40-60 minute drive one way. I say lots of little prayers for him during those drives. :)

I know I had really weird dreams the next night as well, I just can't remember them now.

Last night was one of those long continuous, feels like it goes on all night kind of dreams. I would halfway wake up and roll over or something, one time I even took a drink of water, and then go back to sleep and the dream would pick up where I left off.
My parents were looking to buy a house and for some reason Ryan and I were trying to talk them into this house that we had looked at before we bought ours. In my dream I knew every little detail of the house and we were showing my parents all the great things about it, and the great yard and how the price had gone down and they should really buy it. It was funny though, because the house seemed so familiar, but in real life I've never seen it before. The other funny thing was, was that I think the house was supposedly one we had looked at before buying our house in Jackson, meaning the house was in Jackson, but we currently lived in our house here... not in Jackson, so why would we be pressuring my parents to buy that house?
Then somehow there were bad guys involved and we had to get the kids out of there and someone was following us and the details are all fuzzy now (I should have written it down when I woke up because it was a really vivid dream), but we ended up in this scary chase all over the place, hiding out with these guys trying to kill us for something. It was bad and I thought it would never end.

I love dreams. I go through "dry spells" where I don't remember dreaming much, if at all, and I always think that's so boring. haha! I like to remember dreams and wonder where different elements of them came from and what my subconscious is saying. I think dreams are incredibly interesting. I used to keep a dream journal, and I loved writing things down to remember and reflect on later. If I wrote them down, when I read it years later I could still remember them quite vividly. I did a huge semester report on dreams one year in high school, with a bunch of research into interpretation and meanings and patterns and things like that. It was so interesting!

Anyway, here's to better dreams tonight...


Kim said...

i think dreams are SO interesting, too. i also did a report on them my senior year of high school. i had one really vivid dream about being in a swimming pool... there were all these plants and certain people around the pool. it didn't make any sense at all, but then when i analyzed all of the symbols in it, it was totally obvious that the dream was about my anxiety over going away to college. i was amazed!

Mom said...

Sweet dreams! XOXOX

jenny cook said...

i am the same way - i won't have any dreams (that i remember) for a while, then it's like i just get a flood of them! they are so interesting! i am always wondering what they mean. maybe i'll have to ask kim next time. :)

Anonymous said...

Dreams can be so intense sometimes that when you wake up, no matter how much nonsense is involved, or even though you know it was only a dream-the feelings are hard to shake! I cannot remember the last time I didn't have a dream?
My latest has been an absolutely crazy recurring dream about remodeling our home & I am the contractor working for my frustrating husband who can't make up his mind,(we just remodeled 2 yrs ago & he hardly gave me any input then!)
I am ready to hang up my hammer & toolbelt on this dream though! The pay is terrible-HA!


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Thanks for your sweet photo comment on my blog! I've really enjoyed reading your blog! I've got it bookmarked now so I check it each day. :) Hope you're getting some post holiday rest! :)

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