Tuesday, January 22, 2008

just call me betty crocker

I pretty much fell into bed last night. I think I was on my feet the whole entire day. I spent a chunk of the morning walking at the mall, spent the afternoon cleaning, packing, unpacking and organizing the basement, and then spent the evening in the kitchen slicing, dicing and cooking away. I made this for dinner, this for dessert (and for our new neighbors) and this for just pure yumminess.
(We had a new Aldi store open up just down the road from us this weekend and we hit them up hard on their 19 cents/pound apples!!)

I made these yummy Apple Carrot Muffins, recommended by Kim right here, which my kids wolfed down just a week ago. Seriously. I made them, I got to eat one, and then Ryan missed out because the kids had them all completely gone in about 12 hours.
So I made up some more this weekend, since they're a nice healthy snack and obviously, the kids loved 'em.
And guess what? This time neither of my kids will eat them. Savannah will *gag* it down if I make her, but Sawyer just crumbles them up or sneaks them into the garbage. What the heck?? They taste exactly the same as last time...
just goes to show I can't count on them liking anything consistently!!


Amy said...

everything looks great, betty!!! just kidding about the betty.

Mom said...

Wish I could find apples for 19 cents a pound. Groceries have gotten so expensive.

The Malones said...

I am going to try to make that Chicken Pot Pie! Looks good, Chef Heath! BTW, we had a lot of fun the other night-we have to make a habit of hanging out more often! Remember the good ole days when we would make the trip to O-town about once/week?

Mary said...

You were one busy beaver!
I love to cook and try new recipes........although I have to be in the mood to spend all day in the kitchen like that!

Denise said...

YUM! I'm definitely going to try the chicken pot pie recipe.

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