Saturday, December 1, 2007

won't you be my neighbor?

Anyone in the market for a house?
Want to live across the street from me???

The house across the street from us is officially going up for sale, and we'd love some awesome newbie neighbors to make this awesome neighborhood even more awesome...
I can't wait to see who moves in!

And by the way, even if you're not from this area, we live in what happens to be city #9 on this years list of America's 100 Best Places to Live list done by, so you know it's gotta be a good place to move to!
Come on over!


Anonymous said...

Which house? Mom

Tracy said...

oops you forgot that they must have a 6 yr. old boy and a 2 yr old twins- boy and girl.

Lucy and Sawyer need buddies.

LeeAnn said...

Wasn't STL also named #2 dangerous city in the US?!?! LOL.. right after good ol' Detroit.. I do wish we could live in a nice neighborhood like yours... I love hearing what great neighbors you have!!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Too bad Mike still has a little over a year and a half on his contract! bummer!!!

JessicaP said...

Ry and I saw that list...we were talking about possible places to "settle down" since hopefully soon the Navy won't be running our lives...we even googled your! :-) It looks like such a wonderful place to live, and I'm so jealous of your stories of the fun things you do with your neighbors!

Christy said...

i want it! I want it!! Can i get it for free- and does the house come with 2 jobs? HEHE!

oh- if life was so simple!

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