Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm still seeing so many things about help coming in to Hurricane Katrina victims. Just saw a commercial the other day. And now this season, lots of aide is requested for the aftermath of the California fires.
And though there were states of emergency declared in both Oregon and Washington with the storms and flooding earlier this winter, I don't hear much about it in the news or with people reaching out to help in that area. Daring Young Mom wrote a great post about the situation over there and the overwhelming cleanup and recovery involved in the flooding in Washington. That stuff hits home for me, as it's practically in my former backyard. I know all these places, I recognize these areas... only I don't recognize them. The damage and the homes and livelihoods that have been destroyed... it's unbelievable. Watch the video mentioned in Kathryn's post. Then donate if you can.
Also, pass along the message if you feel so inclined. I don't think the situation in the Northwest is getting enough attention. I know we have plenty of needs to give to in our country, but this happens to be a season where people are looking for things to do, ways to give and families to help.

In our rush of preparing for Christmas and this season of recognizing our abundant blessings, it's sobering to think of the families affected by the flooding who suddenly have no home, no Christmas tree, no presents... who are simply celebrating because they are alive.


Mom said...

It moved me to tears. How can I not donate,when I am warm,dry and comfortable in my home?

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