Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanks for the day

so far today I have

awakened to a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground

enjoyed the busyness of family we don't see often enough (and their family too!)

watched my boys take a little snow walk out to the lake

relaxed in the hot tub with the girls (with the snowflakes gently falling around us --love it!)

soaked in the lovely smells of Thanksgiving dinner preparations

sat back and enjoyed my kids so enjoying their time with their cousins (really my cousins. what does that make them by the way? first cousins once removed??)

comforted my baby after he took a tumble down the attic stairs

thanked the Lord that between his four bumps and cracks that now so nicely decorate his head, he didn't require anything more than a washcloth, some ice and lots of kisses

ate way too much food around a great table filled with delicious dishes, fun conversation and lots of laughs

indulged in an awesome pumpkin cheesecake pie thing way too soon after the meal

fought the sleep that tried to overtake me while "watching" football after dinner

All in all, a pretty good Thanksgiving. We traveled up here yesterday to see my aunt and uncle and family for the holiday. Nice to get away for a couple of days, and very nice to spend some time with them again.

Hope you're all enjoying your Turkey day as well. And safe travels to those who are traveling... even just house to house. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Sarah Beth and David said...

Happy Thanksgiving from David and Sarah Beth (soon to be Laughlins)

Mom said...

Sounds like it was a wonderfully "full" day for you all. We missed you here of course.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOX

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