Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Just some notes for my fellow bloggers...

Since I know quite a few of you are new(ish) bloggers, or blog readers, I just wanted to point out a couple of helpful time savers. If you have more than a small handful of blogs you like to read, you need to check out a service like Bloglines if you haven't already. Bloglines or also Google Reader are easy ways to keep track of the blogs you like stay up to date with. Instead of having to run through your list of bookmarks or links, checking blogs one at a time, waiting for updates... just use Bloglines or Google Reader to subcribe to those blog feeds and then you have it all in one place. You simply check your list in one place for who has new posts, or you can also choose email notifications.
Makes things much easier if you have more that a couple of blogs you want to check on every day.

If you haven't heard of our first annual (we're hoping) Blog World meets Real World weekend getaway, let me enlighten you. A bunch of us bloggers who are "getting to know each other" through the blog world are going to meet for a weekend retreat in Chicago next spring. I am so looking forward to getting away, meeting all these fabulous women and spending some time livin' it up (as much livin' it up as I remember how to do, lol!) in Chi-town doing whatever it is girls do on a girls' weekend. The plan as of now is to actually stay the night in nearby Michigan City (where there is a great outlet mall!) to save some money on lodging and then take the train into Chicago for the day to hang out.

If any other bloggers out there want to join us, we'd LOVE to have more company. To get all the scoop and details and be involved in making decisions on this trip, sign up through the following link:
Blog World Meets Real World Yahoo! Group

p.s. If anyone else from the STL area (or anywhere in between STL and Chicago) wants to carpool or caravan, let me know. Kasey and I are planning on making the drive up together, and the more the merrier (and cheaper!!). Heather? Erin? Marisa?


Nicole said...

Oooh! I should post this on my blog too, although I'm sure we have many of the same readers. I was just thinking about doing a poll on Bloglines vs Google Reader.

I'll definitely do the post on BWMRW so if any of the new bloggers are interested...

Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

OMG, were we totally on the same wave-length this morning or what??? I didn't even see your post until just now! how funny! not sure yet about Chicago...that is the beginning of my spring break, but i am hoping to be in Jamaica or somewhere tropical!

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