Thursday, October 4, 2007


Well, we're almost there anyway. It has been a rough bad horrible looong week.

Sorry about the last post. Turned into a lonely feeling sorry for myself kind of rambling. That's what I get for starting a Thoughts for Thursday without any thinking ahead. And while PMSing. And at the end of a week like this one.

I think I have to take Savannah back to the doctor tomorrow. We were in Monday morning and she got meds for strep. She's been on antibiotics for three days and had no fever, but she still has no voice and her throat is still hurting badly.
This girl is a mean patient. You've heard of a mean drunk right? Yeah well, that's Savannah only instead of alcohol bringing that out it's simply her pain and discomfort and confinement to the house. She is seriously grumpy! Well, with me it's more of a clingy personality (seriously, I don't think I've held her as much in the past three years as I have in the past week), but with anyone else --namely her little brother-- she will bite their head off. It is not pretty.

So as we're wrapping up this long week, we decided to venture out to Creve Coeur Lake this afternoon for a picnic with Ryan's department at work. We had had quite the day, and as many hurdles we overcame to get out of the house, I was somewhat looking forward to getting to the park. It was beautiful out, but Savannah and I were not feeling all that "beautiful". I'm getting quite the cold too; all stuffy and headachey and thinking my sinuses are definitely not happy. And Savannah? Well let's just say she did enough crying and whining today to last me six months. And while she seemed to be feeling well, and said she was happy to be at the picnic, she fell apart at every. little. thing. Crying and whining and basically acting like a spoiled rotten brat of a two year old. I was honestly embarrassed. I wanted to announce to the whole park that she had been sick for the past week and was tired and didn't normally behave this way. I left early because I couldn't take it any more. I myself was in no mood to be happy and chatty meeting all these new people. That situation is never my cup of tea... big groups... especially when all of these new people I'm meeting already mostly know each other. I'm too shy. And tack onto that my being sick and dealing with Savannah's attitude... I'm afraid I didn't make the best of impressions either. I packed the kids up in the car, said goodbye to Ryan and headed home as fast as I could. And proceeded to cry most of the way.
To top it off?
So I get home and manage to get the kids bathed and in bed without much trouble, and then start running a nice big bubble bath. (By the way, I got this amazing Bubble Bath from Target... have you seen the new line they're carrying?... Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath= AMAZING!!)
So I'm running the bath and before I can even get in, Ryan (who got home shortly after us) heads in there to, um, shall we say overpower the lovely scent of my new bubbles. Seriously, it was bad. But, here I had a full tub of beautiful bubbles. Can I plug this stuff one more time?? The bubbles looked like soft foam... it looked like a silky carpet of bubbles... so inviting. Only not so much with the smell in the room. I only stayed in the tub for about 10 minutes before I could stand the burning in my nostrils no longer. So much for unwinding.
And then? We are out of Twix Magic Shell.

Is it Friday yet??

Happier things to come, I promise :)


Tracy said...

Sorry you had a cruddy day!!! I'm sitting here winding down my day w/ a drink in hand. I didn't get the kids and myself out of our pj's until 3:30. We were feeling fine but just lazy from a hectic week. Creve Couer Lake is great to visit. We head there with the kids bikes and walk around the lake.

Amie R said...

RYAN! You have 2 other bathrooms!!!

jessica said...

I can relate. I always think it's strange how much it zaps me to snuggle my kids all day, even though I miss it with the big kids now. We need a little space of our own sometimes. Maybe you have strep too? All that snuggling and coughing and breathing...

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