Sunday, October 7, 2007

it's october

A pumpkin patch outing in 92 degree weather is just wrong.

Is anyone else annoyed that summer is sticking around when we should be wearing cozy sweaters and drinking hot cider while enjoying fall weather activities? It's just not right...

I have so been wanting to do some fun fall family stuff... I pictured the last couple of weekends as great times to go visit a farm, a pumpkin patch, spend some nice cool fall days picnicing at a park or on walks or at the zoo. Also known as things we weren't really able to enjoy most of the summer when it was too hot. So can we enjoy these things now? Not unless we enjoy sweating our backsides off in sticky 92 degree weather. I think we had maybe 2 days in September when the temperature stayed below 80. Most it's been up around 90 or higher ever since we got here in June. Now, I loooove me some good hot summer weather. I am one who is always sad to see the summer gone. But seriously... this is October??!

And by the way... our pool and other outdoor water park activities? They've been closed since Labor Day. Yeah, that's smart for the midwest.

Yesterday we were trying to think of something fun to do with the kids. Anything we wanted to do that was outside we vetoed simply because we are sick of having to be out in the heat. All the water parks and other "cool" things we thought of doing, were all closed for the season. Ryan didn't want to go all the way into St Louis, so we decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese's closer by in St. Charles. Now, Chuck E. Cheese wouldn't usually be our first choice (or even our 10th or 20th choice), but we realized our kids had never been there and after seriously a whole hour of trying to figure out what we could do, we were desperate to get out of the house. So off we went, to find the only Chuck E. Cheese's around here, with the kids being loud, obnoxious, and/or fighting in the car for the whole drive. I questioned why we were even trying to do something nice for them. But they were driving us just as nuts cooped up in the house.
We finally pulled into the parking lot noticing it was quite full. And noticing next, that people were lined up out the door to get in. Um, no thanks.
So now what? Next on our list (or just on our way back toward home) was to just let the kids play at the mall and eat at the food court. Yeah, we're exciting.
Well, we get to the mall and walk around a bit and then head over to the indoor play area. Only to discover it no longer exists! They had cleared it out, built new escalators, and left a sign saying they were relocating the Playtown to the other side of the mall. Coming soon. Which means Not Now. Are you joking me? I just want my kids to be able to play somewhere besides out in the sweltering heat in OCTOBER, and someone somewhere was really trying to keep us from having a good time.
We still ate at the mall... the kids were quite tired of us saying we were taking them someplace fun and then NOT. So we had a nice dinner of McDonalds, Subway and Happy Panda.
Do we know how to spend quality family time on a Saturday or what?

Ugh. I really wasn't going to complain about this hot weather. It makes me mad, because I don't want to hate the summer weather. I love the summertime. But enough is enough. Summertime is over. It'd be nice if it would at least cool down at night... is 70 degrees too much to ask for?
I'd like to sleep with blankets on at night and maybe at least open a window or two once in awhile.
I'd like to wear jeans and maybe long sleeves every now and again.
I miss my slippers.

I'm ready for fall.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree that this weather is crazy! (I wouldn't mind if Halloween night was a nice balmy 65 degrees w/o rain or snow :) But the un-fall like weather has been very strange! Not to mention that the bees & other insects are a touch on the cranky side.
Have a great week!

Nicole said...

THis weather is crazy! THe leaves are barely changing (poor Maria with her wedding next weekend... chose Oct for a no-doubt beautiful fall display of colors!!) and its HOT. It was close to 90 here yesterday. GRR. Granted, it would be perfect weather for lots of sessions, but I've cut back this month and now I'm wishing I hadn't LOL. I remember last year doing family sessions and the 2nd week in October was FREEZING. Not this year. We're going to the orchard next week. I'm hoping it cools down just a tad so we can at least feel a little "fallish"

Mom said...

Would you rather have temperatures BELOW normal? That's the way it is around here,feels more like winter than fall.BRRRRRRR

Tracy said...

I am done with the hot weather!!! I have some cute Halloween outfits for the girls and they are all long sleeve :( I just had a customer buy a Halloween set and it's long sleeve. I'm going to throw in a short sleeve so she can actually wear it.
Ideas for inside:
-Love the Renaud Pool. We do that alot in the Winter.
-butterfly house but it's extremely hot in that room.
- go for a ride out to one of the small towns and hit some of the little restaurants.
-I think Chesterfield mall has a place upstairs that has inflatables upstairs plus the play area.
-There is also the place that used to be called Tumbledrum over in St. Charles
Never go to CEC over in St. Charles. Plus never go near CEC on the weekend. Way too crazy w/ bday parties.
We are headed off to the Pumpkin patch with Jeff and the kids this afternoon. Then on Wed-Friday we have rented a cabin at Mark Twain lake. Have a great week and Sophie is hoping Savannah is feeling better.

Heather S. said...

Thankfully, the forcast for later this week is low 70's and upper 60's! Something to look forward to!

Emilie said...

The weather...its nuts!! I am just like you, ready for FALL! What the heck is up with it being 80+ degree weather?? Where's the pretty leaves, crisp air and how can anyone go and enjoy a pumpkin patch when its so stinking hot outside??
Its going to cool down in MI this week ...Thank God!

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