Friday, October 12, 2007

behind closed doors

As I headed over to check on the progress of what's becoming a routine co-ed potty break every morning, I stopped to eavesdrop on a little bathroom conversation and just thought I'd share:
Savannah's in pink, Sawyer's in blue.

".... Sawyer, it's not really my birthday. It's not my real birthday of April 15th; this is not April. But we can have pretend birthdays. My pretend birthday is March 10th. Did you know that? I think your pretend birthday is September. September.... 20! And today is our kitties' birthday.
Sawyer, I think you should go a little more. You can go peepee and poopy, you know.
You can --Sawyer, no! I'm not done. I don't need to flush yet. You can pretend to flush your own potty."

"All done, bye-bye"

"Okay, Happy Birthday!"

Sawyer comes out of the bathroom to find me in the hallway making notes of this conversation.
Me: "are you all done?"

Sawyer holds up one finger, "One more."
goes back in to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him

Sawyer to Savannah, "One more!"

"Why do you want to go 'one more' every time I'm in the bathroom?!
Do you think you're my twin? Yes, Sawyer, you can go one more."

the kittens go galloping past the bathroom door chasing each other

"That's okay Sawyer, that was just the kitties outside. They're waiting for us. Sawyer, did you know that the black kitty is yours? Mine has black and white. I think that one likes me, so I think that one's mine. You can have the black one. Her name is Ruby, remember Sawyer?


"Sawyer you have to sit down to go potty."

then they're both singing the ABC's

"Okay, Sawyer, you shouldn't dance in the bathroom. Are you all done?"

"One more!"

"Well sit down then."
then Savannah makes up a song about dancing and halloween and black cats
Sawyer interrupts with a big "uh-uh"

"Sawyer, you
love that song!"


"Sawyer, don't be grumpy today. Didn't you snuggle enough today Sawyer?

Sawyer, how do I look this morning? Do you like my hair clips? Do you want me to put clips in your hair too?"

"All done... Pants!"

"Okay, go out and ask Mommy for your pants. Bye, bye, Happy Birthday!"


Gramma G said...

Tooooo cute.Needed that laugh this morning!!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

That is adorable!!!
My mom has a tape recording from outside the bathroom door when I was little. I was in the tub playing with my dinosaurs, making up songs and stories. I was probably about Savannah's age. Great memories!

Nicole said...

THat is hilarious! I love it.

LeeAnn said...

That is great conversation!! She is sooo gonna go to him for talks and advice when she's older, How Cute!

heather said...

Let's just hope those "talks and advice" move out of the bathroom by the time they're teenagers!! lol!

Christy said...

Priceless!!! Good thing you took notes- you would never remember that! Ah blackmail! ck

Emilie said...

HHhahahaha! I love that! Kids are too cute !

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