Tuesday, September 18, 2007

they're married!

and we all made it through in one piece!

All four of us were in the wedding, in fact all of both the bride's and groom's family was in the wedding party. Jenn and Greg also decided to hold the reception in his parents' backyard resulting in much of the wedding and the reception being put together by everyone involved. Lots of busyness for everyone!!
Having both Ryan and I in the wedding and having to keep the kids happy, cute, being where we were all supposed to be and doing what we were all supposed to be doing, (my mom came along to help out THANK GOODNESS!!)... do I need to say I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked to? I realized after we had made it home and put the kids in bed, that we didn't even get a picture of the four of us together. Or of just Savannah and Sawyer together. Or even just a good picture of either one of them in their wedding attire. How bad of a mom am I?? Super bummed about that. Everything was just a blur, I felt like I was going a million different directions at once! I don't even remember being that busy at/before/during my own wedding. Sheesh! But, I guess I didn't have two of my own kids running around back then either.

Anyway, here are the few pics I did get...

Here's part of the wedding party (yes, big wedding!)... Ryan's little sister Jenn is the Bride, and obviously Greg is to her left. Directly to her right is my other sister-in-law Holly (holding Tasi) and I'm next to her. Savannah is below us, Taegen is leaving her spot in front of the bride to run to her daddy, Dan, and Ryan is next to him with Sawyer.

Savannah, Sawyer and Taegen sitting pretty. Okay, handsome in Sawyer's case. Isn't he so handsome??
Sawyer ended up wearing his black and white converse with his spiffy outfit. I didn't get a good picture of the full effect, but he was so stinkin' cute!

Taegen hammin' it up

Savannah joined all the bridesmaids getting ready at the salon bright and early in the morning. She decided she wanted to get her hair curled like all the other girls and once she was up in that chair, she just could not keep that grin off her face... she even got a little dusting of "make-up" sparkles on her cheeks and in her hair! She was in heaven!!

Jenn and Greg, Congratulations!!! We hope you had an amazing wedding day... it was all so beautiful!! Welcome to the family "Uncle Greg"!


LeeAnn said...

Heather!! You look great!! I love your hair too! A new cut??

LeeAnn said...

After that comment, I then decided to look at the rest of your pics, haha!! I love the little black and white converse shoes Sawyer has on, very cute!! And Savannah looks great in her hair-do!! The one of her smiling is just really sweet!! Hopefully some other family members were able to get a family photo of you four!

Leslie said...

Love the pic's that you took. Sawyer and SAvannah looked adorable.

Are you glad to be home?

Nicole said...

AWWW beautiful wedding! The kids are SO adorable.. and Sawman looks so handsome in hi suit and converse HAHA! Love it!

Congrats Jen and Greg!

K.M. Laughlin said...

You ALL look amazing!!! What a gorgeous wedding! :)

Tracy said...

Great pics! Sawyer and Savannah look adorable. Sophie is missing Savannah :)

Amie R said...

va-va-voom! Love the hair! Sawyer is strikingly handsome and Savannah stunningly beautiful. However, she looks like she may be ready for another baby in the family...or at least another sibling...based on the swing picture. When are you officially settled again??? ;)

Christina said...

What a great group of pix. I hope you guys had a fabulous trip to p-town, it'll probably be a vacation when you get home since it is sooooo crazy busy when you have to fit everyone in (I know the feeling). So sorry we weren't able to hook up with you guys.

Heather S. said...

Cute haircut! What a beautiful wedding! The kids are adorable! Glad you are having fun!

Kristi Sauer said...

Looks like a great wedding! Everyone looked very pretty!

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