Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the countdown has begun...

Just over two more days till we head home. Two more days (plus this evening) of running around visiting with as many as we can until we can relax at home. After an all day plane trip with two kids of course.

Want to hear the plans?
tonight: an early dinner with my mom, I'm running out to meet Annie, Steph and Sara for a little girls' night out, after Ryan puts the kids to bed he's running back over to the King's house to visit where I will pick him up when I'm done and maybe hang out for one more little drink. Then we're heading back here to my mom's to play games with Trish and her boyfriend Jory.

an early lunch with Ryan's dad at Peanut Butter and Ellie's with maybe a trip to the park somewhere in there. Then we're heading over to visit with Ryan's grandpa and hopefully meet up with Holly and her girls somewhere in there before we go back to Ryan's mom's for dinner and bed.

playgroup at Annie's in the morning for one last visit with all the River West girls and the kiddos, then we'll probably spend the afternoon packing up before heading back over to Annie's for a couple's game night... sounds like a lot of friends are going to be able to get over there to visit so we're looking forward to that!

This is basically what our whole trip has been like... go, go, go!

Then we're off to the airport bright and early (actually it'll still be dark at 4am, not bright!) Saturday morning to fly home. I'm ready!
I've determined that two weeks is my limit. I remember last trip feeling the same way... three weeks is just too long to be gone, especially I think with kids and traveling all over while we're here. It'll be a vacation when we get home!!


Heather S. said...

We're looking forward to you coming home! Norah has missed Savannah!

Christy said...

Hope all is well. Home is always a good place!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Yeah! We can't wait til you are all home! We miss hanging out with ya!

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