Sunday, August 26, 2007

she doesn't. stop. talking.

Isn't it crazy how you can love the sound of your child's sweet voice and treasure the innocent words that come out of their mouths one moment, and then (for many many more moments by the time they are four years old) that same voice and nonsensical talking can drive you absolutely up the wall when it just. does. not. stop. ever.?!!??!?


Kind of a lazy day yesterday... we just sat around hanging out with Jenn. Ryan and I made a big grocery trip, Jenn and I made a run to Target, and then in the afternoon, we loaded up in the car and made the trek out to Greenville for Ryan to join in the Alumni soccer game (where a team of alumni players go up against the new varsity team for their last preseason practice game). I was excited to see Ryan play with some of his old teammates (three out of the Fab Four were in play!) and walk down memory lane with him as he revisited the field and the school where he spent so much time. This was the first Alumni game he's been able to make it to and he was very much looking forward to it. I was too, except for the fact that an hour and a half car ride each way and keeping a four-year-old and a toddler entertained and off the playing field for 90 minutes didn't sound too appealing to me. It was nice though. Turned out the weather was absolutely perfect. It was warm, but not too warm at all with a light breeze and an easy temperature. We kept the kids busy with lots of snacks, good old Aunt Jenn chased them around kicking their soccer ball and playing with squirt bottles. Savannah made a couple of new friends and Sawyer found a pet stick he carried around for almost the whole second half. It was definitely nice to see some familiar faces and I met plenty of new ones. It was a really nice night to be out on the soccer field.

And then we drove home. First of all, we were all a little weary of the drive home, as on the way out there, we ran into some awful road construction where we spent about 4o minutes averaging about 3 miles an hour to merge down to one lane on a MAJOR FREEWAY!! Yuck. We had planned plenty of time to be at the game early for Ryan to warm up and to visit with people, maybe even for him to show me around campus. But we pulled up right as the game was starting.
So needless to say, we chose a different route home. It wasn't too much out of the way, and considering we were leaving Greenville at almost 8:30, I figured the kids (who had run themselves ragged) would be out like lights and we'd have a nice drive home. My kids had other ideas.
Don't get me wrong, they were very good passengers for the ride home... but Sawyer didn't finally fall asleep until we were about 5 miles from home and Savannah; well let's just say if it's possible to talk yourself to sleep, that was her plan. She honestly did not stop talking the. whole. way. home. I knew the kids were excited to have "company" in the backseat with their Aunt Jenn back there next to them... but my goodness. Savannah must have asked more questions than she took breaths. Seriously. And when Jenn finally told her to shut up (in much nicer terms), did she stop? Only to start singing. I thought she was going to go through every single song she knew. And then she'd start talking again. I could not wait to get home and get out of that vehicle with her!! Apparently I'm all Savannah-talked out by 9:30 at night.
Next time we take a car trip, I'm bringing a pen and paper (a whole notepad!) to record her ramblings and transcript them here for you so you can share completely in our torture adventure.

I've got pics to share, but we're off to church, so I'll have to add them later. Ta-ta!


Tracy said...

I think we have her twin across the street. When Sophie wants to talk or sing there is no stopping her. Now if she is not in the mood she puts her hand up and says, "Mom, stop talking to me now". Now if it could only work the other way when I say stop talking to me and she would stop :)

LeeAnn said...

Too bad your camera doesn't record videos, or does it? You should record those cute kids sometime! I've done some on my camera and need to load them up to see how it all works out!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Glad you made it back okay!!! It felt like it took forever to get home too...maybe b/c Mike was snoring! ha!

Mom said...

Well since I only get to talk to Savannah for short periods at a time on the phone,and she can't follow me around,I LOVE to listen to her.So Heather,I guess you're just going to have to get used to saying."Why don't you call Gramma G and tell her about it...."

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