Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I've been a slacker blogger lately.
I just feel like I have so many things going on in my head, so many projects going on in my house, plus I'm really trying to keep the kids busy and be involved with them during the day, that I don't have three seconds to do anything more than what I have to do.
Here's some of what's been rolling around in my head and what's on my list of things-I'm-trying-to-get-done-like-yesterday:
  • pictures hung in living room; finding, arranging, and fitting photos to all the frames, ordering prints
  • remove wallpaper border in kid's bathroom
  • paint kids' bathroom
  • paint kids' bathroom cabinets
  • find frames for bathroom prints
  • stain armoire
  • paint dining room table
  • paint nightstand
  • clean all three bathrooms
  • dig out spare bedroom so my aunt and uncle can sleep there next week
  • hang pictures in Savannah's room
  • laundry, laundry and more laundry
  • find a preschool for SJ
  • find a pediatrician
  • find a church
  • find more activities to do with the kids
  • more unpacking and more organizing
  • figure out a plan for Ryan's birthday (I'm just realizing that I think he's been hinting around at a party... I was thinking it would be fun to go the very least it is always sooo hard for me to figure out a great gift for him.)
I don't know why it's just driving me nuts to not just be able to get everything done. The house stuff I mean. I know I don't have to do any of this painting or projects right now, but I just want it done. It took me a year last time to get rooms painted and there was still a short list of (easy, inexpensive and totally doable) projects that never got done, and then we left. I never got to enjoy our last house all done just for us. We did the last of the painting and things like cosmetic fixes just to sell it. I want to enjoy this house. I do love it, but I want to enjoy it as ours without the gaudy chandeliers and flowery wallpaper and bland white rooms and I want that sooner rather than later this time. I want to get things done to a point that I am happy with the way things look and we can just enjoy having people here and not say, "oh, we didn't pick that color, we'll get our own paint on there one of these days" or "yes, those are lovely light fixtures/wall paper/brass towel racks, aren't they?... we can't wait to get rid of them".
I'm not wanting to take on big projects (although I really really want to tile the fireplace soon) or fork out a lot of money (it's only the big chandelier that's going to cost $$), all the projects I want to do just take time. Painting just takes so much time. Especially furniture.
When I rattle off all the things I want to get done in the next couple of weeks, Ryan just shakes his head at me.

In other news, I checked out a preschool today. I don't know why, but I've sort of been set on this one. I've actually turned down other "tours" until I saw this one. There's nothing great about it, and no special reason... kinda weird that I just out of the blue really had to check out this school. Anyway, we went by there today and met the "principal" and two of the teachers and saw the church/preschool. And they basically offered me a job. haha! After showing me around and talking for awhile, she asked if I had any other questions and commented that I seemed to know my stuff so I must have check out numerous schools. I off-handedly mentioned that I taught preschool for almost 10 years, so I pretty much knew the drill. She jumped on the "I used to teach" and said, "REALLY?!" and asked if I'd be interested in subbing. She said they were in desperate need of subs this year and wanted to know if I would be interested. I kind of laughed it off because what would I do with Sawyer? But then she said since we were new to the area and probably didn't have anyone to watch Sawyer, maybe they could work something out where he could join the two-year-old class on days they needed me because they usually have an extra aide in there anyway. It was all just kind of mentioned in passing, but now it's kind of got me thinking. It might be fun to be in the classroom again. I just always wondered if I'd be a very good sub, because I like things my way, and I wonder if being back in in an on-call basis like that would make me want my own classroom again. I think it'd be fun though.
Anyway, haven't decided on the school for sure for Savannah or not though. I think we'd like it. Although, their morning classes are full and I'm not thrilled about afternoons. She said we could put her on a waiting list so she could move up when a morning spot opened up, but I don't know about putting her in an afternoon class for a month or two, and then up and switching her after she gets comfortable just because I think it'd be more convenient to go in the mornings. We're thinking it over.

Seemed like there were many other random things I thought I could ramble about today, but now my mind's a blank. Probably a good thing, as I should get off the computer and decide which project to tackle next. I've actually been able to get a lot done this week (did my craft cabinet, lots of laundry, ran a bunch of errands, got the pictures/frames mostly done for the living room, had a swimming playdate, and kept up on my meal planning/grocery shopping), so that's good. It's just these bigger things that I can only do in the evenings that drive me nuts. Because then Ryan comes home and by the end of the day I'd so much rather just sit and watch a movie or play a game with him. Like I said, he's none too motivated about all these projects. He wants to spread 'em out. He thinks we have all the time in the world. I know we do, it's just that I'd rather have all the time in the world to enjoy what we get done!


Mom said...

That IS a long list. Better break it up; prioritize.Then it wont seem so bad. Would Ryan LIKE to go camping for his birthday? Maybe there is not anything available. I am looking forward to going camping with Heidi & Gabe & Trish for my b-day.Nehelem Bay. I've never been there. Wish you were coming too. Maybe next year we should plan one together.

Katie said...

Uhhhhh....I feel your pain Heather, our house projects too seem to be taking forever!! Don't you wish you had a house fairy to finish all your home projects for you....I do!!

Sounds like fun to do some subbing, and it's perfect that you'd be able to bring Sawyer right convenient!

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