Thursday, August 16, 2007

muggy buggy morning

Thoughts for Thursday below.

In other news, it's only 7AM and my motivation is gone. I was wide awake with Ryan's alarm this morning before 6 and instead of laying there I decided to get up before the kids, start some laundry, and go outside and do yardwork. Yes, you read that right. I've been noticing our yard has been a bit neglected in this heatwave and I figured 6:30 was the only time it would be cool enough (and it's not even all that cool!) in the next few days to get out there and work on it a bit. Let me tell you, it's crazy to be out pulling weeds in your front yard at 6:30 in the morning already sweating. And instead of hearing birds chirping or other lovely morning sounds, all you hear is the constant hum of everyone's air conditioners.

Yeah, so I thought I was being smart and beating the heat a bit, but I forgot about the bugs. Apparently 6AM is the only time cool enough for the mosquitoes to be out as well. I had to come in by 7 because I was being eaten alive. The mosquitoes are probably going through a famine what with everyone staying indoors the past couple of weeks. Well, they feasted well enough on me this morning.
Anyway, I got half of our front walk and all around our driveway done. I'm thinking I may wait another hour or so, when hopefully the mosquitoes back off a bit but it's still not too hot out, and take the kids out to play in the driveway while I finish up the front yard. They haven't really played outside, other than the pool, for what seems like weeks. It shouldn't be too bad this morning. After all, it's only supposed to be 98 today instead of our lately usual 103*!!!

Also just wanted to share a little Savannah-ism that made me chuckle...
We've been cracking down on using time-outs for unacceptable behavior toward her brother or for having to be told too many times to do something. She sits against the kitchen side of our half-wall and waits for the stove timer to beep after 4 minutes. Yesterday during a time-out, she was trying to ask something about her upcoming lunchtime and I reminded her that she needed to sit quietly and we would talk after the timer beeped. She replied, "okay Mommy, I just wanted you to know I'll be ready for lunch when I'm done timing out".


Amie R said...

Ha.. Savannah is so smart! Hey our yard needs weeded too...come on over! :)

Jessica said...

Hi there. Just stalking your thoughts again.

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