Monday, August 6, 2007

just in case you were wondering...

the heat index right now is 110*.
I hate how this weather makes everyone cranky and tired.
The kids are driving me CRAZY today. I think it's safe to say I'd be hard up to find anyone who considers me a yeller, and it honestly feels like I have yelled at my kids more today than in the last 4 years combined.
NOT a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

and no sign of any weather relief until at least Friday.
It's gonna be a long couple of days till our visitors come to distract us from ourselves!


Ashley Brooke said...

YIKES! and I thought it was hot HERE!

tgruener said...

It is miserable around here. Sophie won't be around tomorrow but I was thinking maybe seeing what you had going on for Wednesday. I thought possibley taking the girls to do something fun??

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