Tuesday, August 14, 2007

is it normal?

...for it to take longer for the shower to warm up than the amount of time you're actually in the shower?

...for a four-year-old to spend hours on the telephone?

...to be so indecisive that if I'm shopping by myself I often buy two options to bring home for Ryan's opinion?

...for my daughter to still be convinced after almost two years that, even though she obviously got a baby brother, we will still someday have a baby girl named Miah?

...for a toddler to teach himself to burp on purpose?

...to drink a whole milkshake with your mouth barely leaving the straw?

...for my son to want to wear his knock-off-crocs 99.9% of the time he's awake?

...to heave a sigh of relief because you're caught up on laundry and then look in the hampers and find two more loads already?

...for a toddler to say "momma....?" 827 times a day?

...for a 21 month old BOY to not only be able to walk -but run- around the house in his sister's high-heeled play dress up shoes?

...to take an hour for a preschooler to eat her dinner?... and then still not even finish it?

...to want to hide from your kids at least three times a day?

...to be trapped indoors with your kids for two straight weeks during a heat wave in Missouri?
*I guess this one answers the last one.*

I was just wondering.


Mom/Gramma G said...

Normal,for your family,yes. It makes you guys the special people you are. And hopefully you do look back each day and are reminded how blessed you are to have each other!XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOOOXXXXXOX

kimca01 said...

Well, if the fake burping and croc obsessed wearing aren't normal, please let me know as it's happening at our house too! LOL

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