Friday, August 24, 2007

answers to the mental picture quiz

okay, not many takers on the mental picture quiz...
I thought it'd be fun to see how well people think they know me since you'd have to search hard for a pic of me around here, but not many played along. Either no one conjures up a mental picture while they read here, or just too many people know me too well. haha!

Nicole: HAHA!
Kasey: surprised me you only got three right and you just spent a whole weekend with me, LOL!
Lina: Who has never met me got just as many or more right than Kasey!

  1. Do you think I wear glasses? contacts? neither? Contacts all my waking hours. I rarely wear my glasses because they are old and scratched up and I hate them. I am seriously blind without them. I can't even read my alarm clock a foot in front of my face without my glasses on.
  2. What color do you think my hair is? How long do you think is it? My hair is brown, although between the summertime and the box of hair color, it's much more of a reddish/auburn color now. Shoulderlength in much need of a haircut.
  3. Do you think I have bangs? Yes.
  4. What color do you think my eyes are? Blue
  5. How many times do you think my ears are pierced? Three in one and two in the other, however I think two of those have closed up, I wear earrings in my second holes so seldomly. -is seldomly a word?
  6. Do you think I have any non-ear piercings, or any tattoos? I had my navel pierced before I had kids. And I do have a tatoo... on my lower right back of a lily.
  7. How tall do you think I am? I am 5' 6.5"
  8. Do you think I have siblings? Where do you think I am in the birth order? I have three younger sisters
  9. How old do you think I am? I am 31 years old.

These are fresh out of Nicole's camera this week.
Do I match your mental picture?


K.M. Laughlin said...

WOW! I stink as a friend huh!? Sorry 'bout that! ;) lol!

Nicole said...

I wondered when you were going to post pics. Too cute!! I wish you'd had a bigger turnout from bloggers you didn't know.

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