Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm trying to get some frames up around our house and even though I've never had many large framed photographs around, I'm really wanting to do those this time around. I'm wanting to hang many 8x10's and even *gulp* 11x14's. I think I'm going to do a couple from our family photo session last fall, and a couple from the most recent session Nicole did with Savannah this spring. But the problem is, I don't have many framable shots of Sawyer. I knew I should have had Nic do a session with Sawyer before we left to even things out, because now I don't have great recent shots of the Sawman and though I will definitely see about her doing a session whenever they come to visit... I want things to hang on my walls now!!

So I decided to take thing into my own hands (surely to be replaced with Nicole's bigger and better shots later this year!) and give it a try myself. And while my subject was so very uncooperative, I'm excited because I think I found a few good spots in this new house with some good lighting for me to practice with. I only got away with a handful of pictures snapped because Sawyer was so not into it today. I got Savannah to sit for a minute, so I could try things out as well, but she told me ahead of time... "4 pictures Mommy, that's all!" I got away with a few more of her (because I kept getting her eyes closed!), but she still wasn't too happy about it and after each click asked if she could go play now.
Here are a couple against one of the kitchen walls with Sawyer perched on a stool... (and yes, Nicole, I'm posting both color and b/w partly because I know how that irritates you -and me most of the time- but also because I truly like most of these better in b/w, but I wanted to also show the true lighting and colors of these spaces.)
Don't look at this one too closely... the focus is horribly off. I don't know how I'm going to get good pictures of this kid who won't stay even remotely still for a second!And then I put the kids on the wool area rug in our entryway with the front door wide open... I really like this space. If I work really hard at it, maybe by the fall, I can get some good fall-ish pictures out of these two using this area. I love the dark wood and the wool.
Savannah gave me a lot of her super-cheesy grins or her new favorite:
the buck-tooth grin...
Most of the time it was more like this... I'm going to have to come up with some good bribes for these two if I want to get any better at this stuff!


Nicole said...

AAAAHHHHH!! I LOOOVe them. LOVE EM. I wish that one was in focus, because it is SO cute!! Thanks for posting both. I'm now Gagging. Ok, joking LOL. I thought you'd like that!

I can't wait to visit so I can use all these places in your house for pictures. You up for some more little mini sessions with the kids!?! We'll see what we can get accomplished with the 3 anti-photo maniac kids LOL.

K.M. Laughlin said...

I love the pics! Especially the black and white ones!

LeeAnn said...

That second pose of Sawyer is really cute. and I also like the serious one of Savannah. They look so cute in the b/w as well! Good Job!

MacKenzie Leigh said...

Looks like you got some pretty good pictures there. I LOVE your green wall. OMG. Can't wait to see the rest of the newly decorated house. I'm glad you guys are getting all settled in and I hope you are feeling better today. :)

Mom/Gramma G said...

Hey (nothing against Nicole) you don't need a photo session !! The B&W are my favorites too(not the diaper shot so much)The kids have grown & changed so much.:( Ginny S is anxious to see them.:) XOXOXOXOXO

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