Thursday, July 26, 2007

it's started already

I don't remember SJ being so opinionated in her wardrobe this early on, but Sawyer was very adamant about picking out his own clothes this morning.
He HAD to have his Ducks jersey and he HAD to have his flip-flops on. He also had to have his red Hawaiian print swim shorts on, but thankfully, I was able to persuade him to change into these green(ish) ones before we left the house this morning.


Nicole said...

OH God help me... there's MORE to this toddlerness HAHAHAHA! I'm going to die. DIE I tell ya!! HAHA> Luckily, clothing isn't too hard of an issue LOL... well, unless he decides to wear his winter coat in the summer or his flipflops in the winter.... ugh. THAT would be something Porter would do HAHA!

K.M. Laughlin said...

He does look so stinkin' cute in the Ducks jersey though! :)

Katie said...

Oh, my!!! Sawyer must be pretty stinkin' smart! I don't even know if Donnie realizes that his wardrobe is different from his P.J.'s...but, I've been a major slacker mom this summer, someday's he's in his P.J.'s until we have to leave the house, maybe around 12ish or, it's probably my fault for his confusion...Ha!Ha!

So, this is what I have to look froward too in a couple of months....FUN!!

LeeAnn said...

I don't think Lukas really thinks about the clothes that he wears right now. He does like to see who is on his shirt if there is a character though. I'm looking forward to the mis-matched days, hopefully it wont be bad.

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