Thursday, July 19, 2007

dinner anyone?

Guess what my kids are eating for dinner tonight as we speak? Veggie Stix, mandarin oranges and black olives. Also No-Fat Banana Raisin Cookies. Sound good? I let them pick their meal themselves. Opened up the pantry for them, and that's what came out.

This comes on the heels of our week of great nutrition while I have no husband to cook for. I had originally planned a really good dinner tonight, but then Ryan's plane was delayed and not knowing precisely when we would be en route, I decided to just bump dinner out till tomorrow and make something or grab something quick and easy. Then it turned out Ryan missed his connecting flight (which was the last one from Detroit to STL for the day) so with his new route, he wouldn't be in until 8:30. I just checked the flight status, and now it's not due in until 10:30. Really bummed, as the kids were so excited to see him and spend the evening with him... now I have to put them to bed and then drag them out at 10:30 to go to the airport. Savannah's gonna be pretty upset; she's already disappointed that he wasn't coming home until (a really late) bedtime. She really misses him.

So in protest of the storms and airports, we're eating black olives and cookies for dinner. Well, at least they are... I'm having Ramen.


Mom said...

You better throw a vegie or 2 into your meal or you may end up with a headache. Sorry Ryan is delayed. THAT'S not fun.Drive safe!!! XOXOX

Nicole said...

i'm still waiting for pictures of those bedrooms...




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