Saturday, November 5, 2016

one one

Well look at me! Two days in a row!
Actually it's just convenient that one of my kids has a birthday I need to document. Ha!

His actual birthday was really low key... we made SJ skip play practice and did (jello)cake & presents after school. Then we had dinner at a pizza buffet. Because of course we did. It is Sawyer, after all.

Sawyer scored himself some STEM robotics to work on, a puzzle, some new air ball shooters, a new wallet, a super soft bathrobe he requested and an "air hammock" he'd had his eye on. He was a happy kid.
Turns out his friend party day was super low key as well. He hasn't had a party in a few years now and so I was excited he wanted to throw one together this year. But surprisingly, even *I* kept it low key. I picked up a few storebought decorations and an ice cream cake and called it good. I didn't even theme it up and if y'all know me, you know that's absurd. The one single thing I made myself was an invitation for him to hand out to a few friends.
They went to a local arcade, and came back to our place for pizza and cake and a pinata (I realized what a brilliant idea a pinata is for this birthday timing each year... I had all four of my kids empty their Halloween buckets into the pinata! Easy peasy way to disperse our hoard!).
Super low key, Sawyer had a ton of fun and no stress for us. :)
So he's eleven.
Cue the usual How Did This Happen and Where Has Time Gone lamentations.
Eleven. He's becoming such a Young Man. He's kind to a fault (to anyone but his siblings), he's got a quick sense of humor, he's forever curious, he's easily distracted but when he zeros in on something, that's all there is. He's smart and he's daring and he thinks he's too cool. I kind of think so too.
He still loves all things sports, and now rather than just playing or watching, these days he's all about the sports talk as well... chattering on about teams and players and stats and good calls and bad calls. He still can't turn down a good card or board game, is currently more than a little obsessed with both chess and cribbage. He's in the STEM club at school and that's his jam. He comes home on those days chatting away and excited about what new things they're learning or building.

Sawyer Isaac, you are a crazy incredible kid. And I am thankful beyond thankful we get to be your mom and dad and get a front row seat to all this growing up you do. Getting to discover this fine young man you're becoming.
I think Eleven is going to fit you quite nicely.


Anonymous said...

Love and Miss that young man. Looks like a great birthday! XOXOXO Gramma G

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