Wednesday, March 12, 2014

wacky wednesday

When Sawyer was sick last week, what he was most upset about -more than throwing up 9 times in 8 hours, more than not sleeping all night and feeling craptastic with a fever, and more than the idea of putting a dent in his perfect attendance this school year...
was the realization he would miss the highly anticipated Wacky Wednesday at school.
[I've learned over the years there are some do or die days at school these days... my kids will FALL APART if attending these school days are threatened: D.E.A.R days (read-ins), pajama days, or Wacky Wednesdays.]
Turns out some icy patches on the roads in the northernmost corners of our county saved the day for Sawyer.  School was unexpectedly called off. Again. And when school was called for so many days and that coincided with our school's planned Literacy/Read Across America Week with five days of special events planned, the school decided to reschedule them. So the kids got to go ahead with their "A Good Book Will Knock Your Socks Off" (crazy sock) day and their "Hats Off To A Good Book" day (wearing a favorite hat) that they missed... and the ever anticipated Wacky Wednesday.
There was much rejoicing in our house. By a certain eight-year-old at least.

And so I present to you,
Wacky Wednesday!!


Mom said...

LOve it! What fun days to participate in,so glad they didn't miss out!XOXOX Gramma G

sj said...


Best Hearing Aid Centre Sdn Bhd said...

haha... He is so adorable.

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