Wednesday, January 8, 2014

and there was much rejoicing!

Our littlest buddy, the itty bitty babe we have with us, at three and a half months old,
slept thru the night last night!!!!!!!
Now, he's actually been "sleeping thru the night" in infant terms (ie, 7-8 hrs straight) for quite a few weeks.  Problem is, he very much likes the early to bed mantra.  He wants that "last" bottle at about 7 o'clock -8 if we're lucky- and then he'll sleep a good seven hours.  Problem is, 7 hours from then is 3 or 4 in the morning.  Oh we've tried waking him up before we go to bed and feeding him again.  We've tried the dream feed. He just will not wake up and if he does, he will. not. eat. He just wants to sleep. So we've been stuck at this 7pm to 3/4am schedule.
Until this morning.
Ryan's alarm goes off at 6:30am.
"Did Sonny wake up last night?"
"I didn't get up with him, did you??"

Maybe he was happy to be back in his own bed??
(he'd been in the pack 'n play in our room while Coen was visiting us for the past five days)
Maybe he's just relieved to finally have his surgery scheduled.
(large inguinal hernia... to be repaired Feb 5th)

Whatever it was, I'll take it!!
When you have [newborn]baby after [newborn] baby like we randomly have, a sleeping thru the night milestone is a big one!!!

Hard to believe this bitty has been with us for three months already...
He's smiling more and finally seems happier and I think we're moving past the "rough start" he's had.


Mom said...

Love it! XOXOX

Autism United said...

That is a big step to getting some good rest, good for all of you.

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