Monday, September 9, 2013

weekend end

Monday is here too quickly. As usual.
Let's see... what made up our weekend?
Neighbors over Friday night for a couple of drinks and pool table action,
a Saturday morning soccer game (first of the season!),
one sick kiddo with the throw ups for a bit, meaning cancelled plans for a music festival I was looking forward to, which also meant a no-go on plan B; the State Fair, but also meant a loungeful Saturday afternoon of movies and slushes and snacks,
a Sunday morning at church with an extra kiddo hanging out (watching a friend's daughter for the day),
a Sonic lunch,
a spend a good few hours at the pool 'cuz it's the last day of the season kind of afternoon (complete with a faceplant on the bottom of the pool by a certain 7-year-old boy)(yes Sawyer, there's a reason we say no diving in a depth of five feet!),
followed by some more take-it-easy movie time that evening winding down the weekend.
It was a full, relaxing weekend.

Soccer was super fun to watch.  Sawyer was crazy excited to play... he must have asked me a half dozen times before 10am (game time) "are you so excited to get this game going mom?!"
First loss of the season as well, but they all had a blast and Sawyer is even more excited for the next practices and games.  I think this is when sports get so fun... when they actually mature enough to look forward to practices and games as the actual learning and experience and you know, practice, for what they are... that they get it and embrace it.  And become better players.  Love it!

And it was the last weekend our pool was open.  Boo.  We spent a good few hours down there though with friends on Sunday, so all is well.  Minus Sawyer's faceplant on the pool floor.  Last week Ryan had been doing tricks with the kids, having them jump and dive through our big tubes... he'd hold them up angled or perpendicular to the water and the kids would attempt to dive through from the edge.  Or they'd make a stack of tubes and jump in pencil dive style and try not to disturb the pile.  Well, Sawyer was attempting these on his own while we were absentmindedly talking with our friends... which was fine, they always make up all sorts of crazy jumps on their own.  But we didn't notice that apparently he had forgotten the fact that the only time he was supposed to be diving -head first- into the tubes was when someone was holding it upright.  Not when it was floating flat on the water.  So apparently he tried that.  And succeeded.  And met the bottom of the pool with his nose.  Ouch.
Saddest thing is, we never even noticed it happened.  We did notice that he had gotten his towel and was just lounging on a chair in the sun next to an older buddy who was taking a break and reading.  And then we noticed he initiated a game of pool baseball... outside the pool, with a squoosh ball and pool noodle.  And then he moved to another chair and was just laying down relaxing again.  Ignoring our numerous encouragements to get back in the water. He finally came over to our spot for a drink and that's when we noticed his nose was scraped up and slightly bruised.  And he was definitely not his usual rambunctious pool self.  Sawyer takes a lot of licks and keeps on ticking, so you know it's a big deal when he decides for himself to take it easy. Poor guy.  I felt really bad. :(

It was a perfect day at the pool though. And Coen at least, as usual, was all smiles. :)


Mom said...

Better late than never? I loved reading your weekend updates and seeing all the pictures. I am just having a hard time getting back into the routine,especially the early mornings.And as you well know,the weekends are WAY tooo short. XOXOXOXO

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