Thursday, December 22, 2011

this week's numbers

number of Christmas cards received: 29
number of packages received: 2
number of packages shipped: 2
number of packages shipped late so they may not won't even make it before Christmas: 2
number of Christmas cards sent out: 62
number of Christmas cards still sitting on the table to address and send out and may not won't even make it before Christmas: 14
number of hours spent in class/on foster care homework and paperwork: 6
number of dollars spent at the grocery store: an absurd one
number of Christmas movies watched: 4
number of Christmas cookies made: 3 dozen plus a tray of bark
number of Christmas cookies still on the agenda to make: 5 dozen plus another tray of bark
number of pieces of Christmas bark I've eaten: 2 dozen. or so.
number of beds in front of the lit Christmas tree last night: 2
number of kids up at 4am this morning in front of the Christmas tree: 2 plus a puppy.
number of ibuprofen I took this morning: 4
number of projects I'd still like to start finish: 4
number of days before Christmas: 2

Why did it come so fast this year??


kim said...


i still haven't sent out all my cards either.

my next blog post title (because i was, you know, THINKING about actually writing on it one of these days) was going to be 'it's the most wonderful/busiest time of year' but i see you already beat me to that one. ;)

K.M.L said...

Number of days till we visit you...8 or 9!

Mom said...

I hope you DID have lots of fun and laughter and made some good memories in between all those numbers. I still intend on doing cards/letters,probably on Tues. To help bring a smile after...xoxoxox.

Christina said...

Your Christmas card was by far my favorite this season! It helps that Sound of Music is my all time fav movie too. Anyway, love your creativity as always. Enjoy your Christmas through all the craziness....i know you will. :)

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