Thursday, October 29, 2009


So we all know November is National Blog Post Month, inciting bloggers around the world to post every day for the month of November. I've participated the last two years and yes it's challenging, but I'm always glad I did it and it's always fun! (it'd be more fun if I'd ever actually win some prizes!!)
I've been looking forward to it this year as I'm anticipating it to be a much greater challenge -and good for me- as I've been such a slacker blogger lately... and I've heard that sentiment resounding in my blog circles the past couple of months.

Well, Nicole and I have been talking, trying to come up with ways to motivate ourselves and all our old bloggy friends, to not only jump on the NaBloPoMo train, but to really let the month of November serve as a way to figure out how to rearrange our priorities, our time management, and kick start a new habit of getting back to the old basics of blogging regularly.

So without further ado, we're proud to announce that as of now, this November is not only NaBloPoMo, but is the month for our BaToBloMo as well. It's a Back To Blogging Movement! Thirty days of blogging in the hopes of getting back in the habit of regular writing.

To help those of us who are lacking in blog fodder, or are just too overwhelmed with I'm so behind in blogging, where do I start?, Nicole and I have compiled a list -a schedule of sorts- full of back up topics when needed. If you're joining us in this venture, don't feel obligated to follow these days, it's simply here as a suggestion if you're drawing a blank on what to post for that day. I'll still be posting my own regular journalling/blog content here, but I'll refer to the day of the week to fill in blanks or add to my daily posts.

As of now, here's our conglomeration of topic ideas...
some of them area already daily memes floating around the blog world, some are ones we just made up--
Mondays: "Not Me Mondays" (blog about mis-haps embarrassments)
Tuesdays: "Top Ten Tuesdays"(make a top ten list for whatever you want)
Wednesdays: "Wednesday Works" (share something of the old "works for me" school of thought or share a project you're working on, want to work on, need help with or even share a behavior/habit you or your family is working on)
Thursdays: "Thoughts for Thursdays" -of course!- (blog about a topic of opinion)
Fridays: "Flashback Fridays" (blog about a memory or even photo from the past)
Saturdays: "Saturday Social" (share new or favorite websites or blogs you come across)
Sundays: "Sunday Survey" (random questions)

As I said before, these are just suggestions and loose ideas to fall back on. You can take and run with it however you want!

However, the whole BaToBloMo is the MAIN idea... so all on board, say yes!
(and grab our little badge to add to your blog too!)


and hey, let me know if the badge doesn't work for you... i'm new at this stuff!


Steph said...

YES! I'm in. The badge worked on my blog.

Emilie said...

Im in! and the badge worked... and is on my blog! :)

Denise said...

I'm in! Sounds like fun!

Christina said...

Of course I couldn't get the badge. I'm not all that saavy at this stuff though. The other day in fact, I had a computer problem, and my husband said, "Man, what would you do without me." But, then he stopped in his tracks and said, "Actually, maybe I shouldn't say that anymore, because what would I do without you." Amen to that. He admits he'd be eating Beef Ravioli out of a can if it weren't for me, and wearing dirty clothes all the time too. Anyway, I'm up for the challenge of the National Blog Post Month, and love your ideas for the blog movement. Thanks Heather!

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