Monday, March 23, 2009

shut. up.

It seemed that was all that would come out of Kasey's mouth when she and Mike showed up for our game night this past weekend.
Yes, we had a game night here on Saturday. But we had an extra fun twist this time... we wanted to take some time out to celebrate this long awaited, highly anticipated baby boy of theirs due this spring. And I thought, what better way than to gather some of their favorite people for one of their favorite occasions; a good old fashioned game night. And as far as they knew going into it, that's all it was. Just a regular ol' game night at the Morrisons. But the rest of us went in knowing it was more than that-- we wanted to get together specifically to celebrate this special couple and this exciting blessing in their lives. We totally suprised them with cake and presents and faces they definitely weren't expecting to see here!

So they walk in the front door and they of course notice the cake and presents and decorations in the front dining room. And we (the rest of us were all in the back of the house, family room/kitchen) hear a big "Shut. Up."
And then another "Shut. Up." as they realize what's going on.
And then yet another "Shut. Up.", as they peek through the entryway and see Mike's brother and sister-in-law who drove down from Indy just to surprise them.
Then they finally made their way back to the group and saw more food and more friends and Kasey just had the best bewildered look on her face, still just repeating to herself "Shut. Up. I can't believe this!" as I explained this was no ordinary game night... we were most definitely having a Celebrate Baby night, all about them! All she had to say? "Shut. Up."
I was half-expecting her to shove me just like the signature Elaine "get OUT" push on Seinfeld.

We had a ton of fun. We played a couple of extra "baby" themed games as a nod to the baby shower itself, but we also played some old standbys and mostly just had a fabulous time hanging out and telling stories and chowing down on plenty of food.
Here are a few snapshots of the evening...
Starting out with the cake after someone's kid *ahem* got a little too excited about cake time.
Yes, that's a full, Sawyer sized, bite out of the cake.

The happy couple...

Kasey explaining to Sawyer who the heck all these presents are for...

It's been awhile since the Laughlins had been able to join us for a regular game night, so it was great fun to have them back and having the 'Indy Laughlins' here too, just made it that much more memorable. Thanks so much, Dan and Amanda, for driving down, hanging out and being a part of our surprise!! We loved having you here, and you're welcome anytime!!
Mike and Kasey, we hope you know how much we love you guys and that we can't wait to meet your new little guy :)!


K.M.L said...

Thank you SO much for a great game night/baby shower! Mike and I had such a good time and obviously were surprised! ;) Thank you for inviting our friends and my sister and the Indy Laughlins! We love ya!

Katie said...

So sad we missed it!!!! I'm glad it was such a fun night, and girl, that fondant rocks my world.

Mom said...

Looks/sounds like it was a wonderful surprise.Cute cake!(if you overlook the teeth marks.)

Dan and Amanda said...

We had so much fun with you guys. Thanks again for having us!!! :)

Nicole said...

Looks like fun! I am cracking up at Kasey... I can totally hear her saying "Shut. Up.!" HAHA! The cake is darling!

Unknown said...

Awesome cake! (The bite mark just gives it character and a hint of the party-goers!) This may be your niche home business, if you really enjoy it. I have a friend who baked/decorated cakes from home and had a very lucrative business....ask Ryan. We have an event coming up in which I would love to have a cake like this....feel like flying to Oregon to bake/decorate one????
Love, Mom/Gramma S

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