Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the verdict

He does have an ear infection. And a doozy at that. So we now have antibiotics as well as a steriod for him to take for the next three days because she was concerned at how bad his cough and swelling in there sounded. His lungs are good, no croup or anything, it's all just drainage and irritation from his ears and sinuses I guess. The dr ordered strict "bedrest" for the little guy (as strict as bedrest can get for a two year old) to keep calm and quiet and keep the coughing at a minimum. Even though it's gorgeous outside today and even though I had a whole afternoon planned of letting the kids run around outside while I tackled more of the garage and even though it's all but impossible to get this kid to sit quietly for more than five minutes, not to mention adding steriods into the mix... we're consequently taking it easy.

I did set him up in front of Little Bear on the tv so I could at least get thirty minutes of garage work done outside while waiting for Savannah's bus. Now he's finally napping (which between the coughing and the steriods took quite awhile to happen) and I don't really want to be in the garage where I can't hear him. So I guess I'll spend the afternoon baking (we have small group here tonight so I might as well get some homemade goodies ready) and folding laundry. Mmmm... Fall baking!

We started our neighborhood Halloween "Boo" the other night. I was actually way ahead of the game and have had everything ready to go for a couple of weeks now, and Savannah has been impatiently waiting until it was far enough into October... she wanted to be sure and be the first ones to do it! So we "made the drop" Monday night. Ryan took both the kids sneaking around to the two houses we chose. They were thrilled with the stealth of it; tiptoeing up with the bags in hand, ringing the doorbells and running, hiding behind bushes and cars to make sure the surprise package was recieved. I watched from the front window. It was fun.

And oh my, have you all tried those new Candy Corn Hershey's Kisses?? Oh. Yum. And I don't even like candy corn!
I'm glad I gave 90% of that bag away, or I'd be in trouble!!

We were also suprised to recieve our own "Boo" on our doorstep last night so quickly!
We waited until this morning to dig into the bucket we found since the kids were already on their way to bed, but sure enough, first thing today it was once again like opening stockings on Christmas morn! They were so excited. Candy and treats, Sawyer claimed a yucky squishy giant spider and Savannah of course claimed the snowglobe. Maybe our secret "booer" knows she collects snowglobes?

Fun stuff!!


Christina said...

Poor Sawyer. Steroids are such nasty drugs too, I know I have numerous side effects every time I'm on them. Gabi was on them once when she was a baby and turned into an evil child. The nurse says steroids are known for that in kids. I hope he has minimal to zero side effects for his sake and yours.
Oh, we've had our boo bags ready for a while too, but I was trying to think of a good time to get them started. How fun. Emilio has been eyeing them for a week now and waiting patiently. Maybe we'll start tonight! Oh, and those Candy Corn Hersheys Kisses are the best!!!

Nicole said...

OOH I'm glad you posted this! I am going to try that around here.... even though we aren't technically in a "neighborhood" in the traditional way. I went tonight and bought stuff to make 2 bags... one for our neighbor whose b-day it is, one for the neighbor behind us w/kids and one for a random house in teh neighborhood on the other side of the High School. We'll see if it catches on.

Nicole said...

err I meant three bags LOL!

Kim said...

Steriods and Morgan = evil child as well. Oh, let me specify, evil non-sleeping child! I HATE steriods, last year we had the benefit of them making him sick to his stomach too, good times! Hope S feels better and good luck trying to get him to rest, I know how difficult that would be!!

Zoe said...

ouch! poor sawyer! we boo'd last year for the first time and the kids loved it! the boys thought they were sooo sneaky!

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