Sunday, May 25, 2008

party time, excellent

I get that Wayne's World phrase stuck in my head all the time now because Ryan chants it quite often when I dish out a reminder for Sawyer to go potty.
me: "Sawyer, it's time to go potty..."
Ryan: "Saw-yer! Potty time! Excellent!" along with frantic strumming and sound effects on an air guitar.
If you wondered if that gets old, let me tell you- yes.

But we did have a party!
And it was excellent!
And it was a surprise party no less! My favorite!!
Mike planned a little surprise get together to celebrate Kasey's birthday. He asked if we would host it here and we were thrilled to. I love being in on things like that! They were coming into the city to see her parents for the holiday weekend and as far as Kasey knew, were just coming over to have dinner here on Saturday night. Little did she know that she had friends and family waiting here to celebrate along with us! She was totally shocked. Shaking, even! It was fun. And we had a great night with food and friends and games, staying up way too late as usual.
(and I didn't take a single picture. not one. boo me.)

Mike and Kasey spent the night here and we continued the game playing this morning with a couple of rounds of Buzz, a favorite Playstation game they brought over, and then a good old fashioned round of You Don't Know Jack, also on the Playstation. What else are we going to do on a rainy holiday weekend? hmmm??

Speaking of the rain... I usually don't mind it here and there. After all, I am an Oregonian. But I'll tell you what gets me;
The forecast for this long kick-off-the-summer weekend? (also the first weekend our neighborhood pool is open!) Saturday, sunny and 77 degrees; Sunday mostly sunny, slight chance of a small shower and 85 degrees; Monday, isolated thundershowers and 87 degrees. Pretty nice Memorial Day Weekend forecast, don't you think?

What has our weekend weather consisted of so far? On Saturday it was gray, cool and cloudy all morning and then rained most of the afternoon. Today, Sunday, it's 2pm and we've already had probably 4 good sized thunderstorms roll through, lost our power briefly, with hail and downpours for most of the morning.
I am not a happy camper. I was not (hehe I first just now typed 'I was snot') looking forward to being stuck in the house for three days with the kids, I was very much looking forward to a nice springy -summery even- weekend of outings and grilling. Grrr.


K.M.L said...

Heather, thank you again for going in on this surprise party! I loved it and still can't believe how shocked I was! See you guys soon!

jenny said...

how fun! i love surprises!

hope the weather improves - ours has been pretty good (only one thunderstorm this morning and not it's actually HOT out)!

Katie said...

Sorry that we missed it! I"m glad it went well!

Mom said...

Our weekend weather has been wet and cool. Not fun! We moved Trish to her new apt.Sun. & Mon. mostly in the rain.Saturday was partly sunny but she worked.Then we had a big old thunderstorm Sat. night. Made me think of you guys.XOXOXOX

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